: Review for CarAudioFactory Sub Box for EXT's

07-30-09, 01:37 PM
This post is for all the EXT owners that still can't decide or figure out what to do regarding a subwoofer box. Here's my take on the age old question of "under the seat box" v. "Replace rear folding wall".

I know I had many questions and concerns and couldn't find a lot of information about which way to go. I ended up replacing the rear folding wall with the pre-fab "poly-sloted sub box" from Car Audio Factory (I have no affiliation with them - I even tried to negotiate the high shipping and they said take it or leave it...haahaa) I took it and I have the box that holds two 10"s.

Conclusion: The box slams and no under the seat box (at least that I've heard) even comes close. The box and shipping is expensive, damn near $400 dollars but well worth it in my opinion.

The installation was very straight forward, just a couple of bolts & screws. Not too much to it, just time consuming as you want to make sure everything is going fit properly. Also a two person job to get it in due to the weight & size, unless you don't care about beating up your interior trying to get it in all by yourself.

I've always had SUV's in the past so getting deep slamming bass has never been a problem. This box solves the problem that the EXT presents as long as you're willing to sacrifice rear window storage and give up a little bit of cargo space. (In 6 months I've dropped the wall one time). With the gate/subwoofer box up, it barely takes up any room in the bed - minimal at most.

Bottom line - if you want bass, get this box. Hopefully this little post helps someone else in their car audio making decisions.

07-30-09, 03:54 PM
Great post!
Now if someone would just make a post like this for ESV owners.......

08-01-09, 08:52 AM
Any links to look at this box?

08-03-09, 10:33 AM
I think it's just www.caraudiofactory.com if I remember correctly.