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07-30-09, 01:10 AM
hi i just got a 01 seville sts thats been sitting for 4 months with 94086 miles on it what should i do to make it perfect i just did the air and fuel filter, cabin air filter (cause the air smelled very bad), brakes all around (it doesnt need rotors), and a new brake caliper because the bolt was stuck and pad brake sensor in back. it fires up great doesnt need a tune up, but the battery holds a charge so does the altinator but the battery keeps dying and i do not know why. also the metal brake lines are broken. what else should be done to make it mechanically sound. oh and should i do tranny fluid change??

07-30-09, 02:05 AM
According to your mileage, a tranny service should probably be done soon. Pull the tranny fluid dipstick, does the fluid smell burnt at all?

As for your electrical issue, if you have had the battery and alternator checked and they appear OK? I was going to suggest possible corrosion on the battery terminals? Either that or you have a short somewhere. Is there anything aftermarket on the car like an aftermarket stereo, or remote start, or anything like that. It is probably more likely that something aftermarket has a bad connection causing you problems. If the battery and alternator are indeed OK, I would start there. Ranger, Sub et all will likely have some good advice for you.

07-30-09, 09:08 AM
Understand that your car has a dry sump transmission and there will be NO fluid on the stick with the engine off. The engine must be running in P, warm, and the fluid should be at halfway up the dipstick hashmark.

Find the GM Technical Service Bulletin which recommends using the new DEXRON-VI synthetic fluid, 100% backwards-compatible with the older DEXRON-III. Smoother, tighter shifts, but not cheap.

Use 5W-30 engine oil by whoever you like and a WIX 51522 oil filter. DO NOT fool with the MAF - try to "make it better" and you wind up with driveability problems and fuel mixture codes.

Learn to pull your OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the car's built-in system. Read the sticky thread at the top of the main Forum page titled "How to pull codes". Use the URL with "obd2" in the address and, once you write all the codes and H or C (History or Current) down, go back to the site and find the meanings for P, B, C, and U codes.

Do this intake change...........it makes transmission checks and air filter work easier and cleans up the engine room a tad. You already have a perfectly adequate CAI system right from the factory. Use a WIX air filter - more pleats, more surface area, less restriction.

07-30-09, 10:25 PM
thank you and also what size are all the speakers in it????

07-30-09, 10:27 PM