: Smell gas when I turn right....

07-29-09, 12:18 PM
My 1987 Fleetwood drives perfectly in every way, but has one issue. Every time I make a right hand turn I get a strong smell of gasoline in the passenger cabin ... I eventually goes away until I turn right again. I have looked everywhere for a visable leak, and can see nothing ... I'm at a loss

Repectfully, Harry in AZ

07-29-09, 02:03 PM
If the problem has to do with turning, you'll probably need somebody in the car turning the wheel while you look. I think gas smells come from the charcoal canister which helps for cold starts. You may want to get under the car to see if your gas lines/tank are ok

07-29-09, 06:43 PM
Run your finger under the inlet gas line nut where it screws into the front of the carb. Most times they leak there. If so, use the proper flare nut wrenches (2) to remove the line and replace the thin nylon gasket and fuel filter behind the large nut.

07-30-09, 03:55 PM

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Cadillac Giovanni
07-31-09, 02:00 AM
Possibly the tank itself. Water tends to pool up and rot away at the seams of the tank. I replaced mine a couple years ago.