: What We Think We Know v. What An Intelligent GM Tech Could Divulge

07-22-04, 05:45 PM
Long Title; but if there are legal and engineering constraints that limit certain options for new car design, it would certainly go a long way to have these divulged by a qualified source, thus quelling the popular trash-talk (of which I am guilty of enjoying immensely) about daft GM engineering and techs, along with what must be even dumber marketing types who are deaf and blind to he-man American mandates.

Since full frames add obscene excess weight over comparable unibody design, there may be a maximum length that a unibody may reach before sagging under it's own weight like a hotdog. The "maximum weiner sag design length" may dictate a "max weiner width" for stability and tracking, which of course are safety factors for people who seem hell-bent on flipping anything they are driving.

CAFE fuels standards mean that a REALLY popular big fat car that got poor mileage and sold too well would bring the company's average down to where penalties are levied until they can sell more Prisms and Chevettes.

Maybachs may appear a godsend to the Fleetwood starved masses. If they happen to have a full frame and 26' wheelbase and weigh 4 tons, then they likely could still skirt mileage standards since they plan to sell only 12 per year (at a price of 11 times more than what I paid for my used Cady).

Finally, discounting Excursions and Escalade pickups as a fad, there seems a political drive to make all motorized vehicles smaller and lighter so they don't damage each other and their occupants as much in collisions. You can't very well accomplish that if some poor schnoock in a Tercel type spud is craning his neck up at the latest re-issue of a Brougham if it's honestly going to be the size of the current (sorry, - ex-current) model.

Well, I already said 'Finally', so I have to go. Put me down for 10 rant smilies, - I'm outta hea.

p.s. We have all seen exciting new products from Detroit exploding into the market for a few years now, only none of the automakers appear pregnant yet with anything that us big touring sedan types can get excited about, and the 7XX Bimmers are just not an option, - yet.