: my 93 ETC Eldorado N* has a question for you guys

07-28-09, 03:52 PM
well today my eldo took a piss on my driveway...just so happen to be every northstars favorite...coolant. yes its a 93 with 79700 miles on it. the waterpump was replaced last year along with a coolant flush. today it was 85 degrees out and i dont have my a/c on or anything and it pissed coolant on the ground like i said. and it did this last year when i put too much coolant in the tank but i drained a little bit and it hasnt done it til now. is it normal to have coolant drain from the overflow like that on the ground when its really hot out? is was only like a little 5 inch by 5 inch puddle. the coolant temp was at 226 degrees and its never gone past 226. my average coolant temp is 199-225 all year round. i really would hate to get rid of her cause i love the power she has.

i drove the car again 30 minutes later and romped it a good bit and came back home and it didnt piss.

am i just going nuts :cookoo: and everything is fine or are them damn gremlins getting to my car :crying:

07-28-09, 04:28 PM
No, that is not normal. Your temperatures are however. Maybe the thermostat just stuck. Keep an eye on the temperature. Since it has not changed in the last year I would not suspect the head gasket. If it starts running hot, then get the block test kit from Napa and test for exhaust gases in the coolant.

07-28-09, 10:49 PM
well this is the only time it did it in a long time. it was 86 degrees, really hot day, and the temps were normal. and i drove it later that evening when the whole car cooled down and i gave it some hell before i got home and i shut it off and she didnt drop a single bit. im thinking it was on the border line of full and it just wanted to let a tad bit out.