: Random Stalling

07-28-09, 11:07 AM
my 90 brougham has had some stalling issues since i bought it. my remedy for this has been to let it warm up a bit before putting the car in gear. last night i was out driving and for no reason at all, at about 20 mph, the car just quits. (thaknfully there was no one else on the road) i let it roll to a stop and waited a minute to start it up and continue driving. it had no problem three, but i kept on the lookout for strange noises, sounds, etc. i stopped in a parking lot for a few minutes then came back to the car and when i started it, the engine died after a couple seconds of running in park. all i had for a light was my cell phone screen and i inspected the engine as best i could and nothing seemed wrong. i decided to wait and let the engine cool down and try it again, which worked. today i did a better check on the engine and nothing was wrong, it started up just like normal. anyone else experience random stalling? is this a sign of something?

07-28-09, 05:01 PM
Yours is tricky because it is a carbeureted engine. There are several things that could be wrong and you may be best off just rebuilding the carb. My car has stalled on me at odd times as well but it is fuel injected. It died once in a drive through and once backing out of a friend's driveway. It hasn't done it in 5 months though.

Angry Matt
07-28-09, 07:22 PM
When I had a bad ignition module in my car it would shut off randomly. It would always start back up, but just die whenever. It didn't matter if I was moving or not. That probably wouldn't be a temperature sensitive issue though.

07-28-09, 11:23 PM
You've mentioned in a previous thread that your car idles rough, so you probably have vacuum leaks, or a messed up routing. I would take a weekend to go through the lines and replace any that are brittle and correct the routing (when I replaced my hoses, I purchased about 20 feet of 7/32' rubber hose, and I ran out of it). I would also run a fuel system cleaner on you next fill-up; Gumout with Regane (http://www.carbuyersnotebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/gumout-regane.jpg) works good. You should use 89 grade gasoline once a month to keep the engine clean.

If the engine isn't running any better, then get a can of carb cleaner and spray down the carburetor. I would even start the engine spray around the base of the carb (just little at with each spray) and listen for the engine to rev. If the engine revs, when you spray the base of the carburetor, then you either have bad carb gasket, an open carburetor vacuum port, or a ruptured intake gasket.