: Intermittent starting issue 97Seville SLS

07-27-09, 10:09 PM
I recently experienced intermittent starting issues with my 97 Seville SLS with 94K on the odometer. The problem so far does not happen in the morning but typically when it sits all day in the hot sun. I know it sounds strange, but this seems to be the common denominator. It will take 2-3 cranks when this occurs. Once it starts all is OK. I can turn it off and it will start right away again. I had a leaking battery and replaced it thinking my battery was the issue due to the 100 + degree weather lately. No difference.

I checked the Fuel Pressure Regulator per the excellent post by "Ranger." It did not leak any fuel from the nipple. Unless maybe it is in the beginning stages of failing? I checked for codes only to find the P0741 which I erased.

Should I replace the FPR anyway, or fuel filter? I am hoping someone else can help give me a clue as to what to look for, I am at a total loss. :cookoo:

07-27-09, 10:29 PM
No. If the FPR isn't leaking, it's good. The filter is not the cause either. Have an assistant turn the key on while you listen to the open fuel filler pipe. Do you hear the fuel pump run for 2-3 seconds? If not, check the fuel pump relay.