: AC Problems

07-27-09, 07:33 PM
A few weeks after buying my 1995 Fleetwood Brougham, my AC wouldn't turn off without the fuse being out even with the car being off. Decided that it was a CCM problem, as the interior lights won't turn off either and there looked to be water damage near the CCM.

One day when I was out and about, I popped the fuse in to get AC, and popped it out when the car was off. When I got back to the car, I put the fuse in and it started up pretty weak. After about a minute or so, it stopped blowing and a smell very close to that of Turtle wax filled the car. Not strong or anything, but noticeable.

Got my replacement CCM from thefleetwoodguy and installed it today. As it is right now, it doesn't seem to have solved any of my problems. I can hear my AC compressor engage, but there is no airflow.

The interior lights turn on with the fuse in, but don't turn off, even when the car is off.

Even after disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes the OBD still reads the following faults on the CCM:

23 (Delayed Interior Lighting)
41 (Twilight Sentinel)

Any thoughts?

07-28-09, 09:09 AM
did you check any related relays they may be melted on. I'm not sure if the lights have one but it sounds like a relay type of thing. Also, there might be a box under the dash that controls the interior light delay and door chime but I'm not sure if the newer broughams have them.

07-28-09, 09:38 AM
The AC relay under the hood is fine, I checked it out yesterday while the battery was out.

I've noticed that at speeds greater than 60MPH that some cold air will leak out of the vents. The faster I go, the stronger it gets. At around 80 it is about equivalent to low fan, probably a little weaker. And that's with the fuse out

07-28-09, 01:17 PM
heres the box
blower resistor, controls the fan speed
temp control sends the signal for which mixing doors to open
hope this is of some help