: HELP! SCT Tuner problems with Auto CTS V

07-26-09, 09:52 PM
I have a new tuner from W4M performance, X3 3400, just got it 3 days ago. Having no luck uploading performance package. I have an unmodified CTS V, 2009, automatic. It uploads ECU, but then can't read TCU and I get error code 1017. Followed the thread on this, pulled BCM and OnStar fuses, turned all accessories off (radio, AC, lights, everything) still no go. I have the latest firmware on this and I sent my VIN to Wait4Me so I know the programs are the latest: Max performance, Performance, and some Pulley program. None of them work. It returns to stock each time. I am awaiting a tech response from SCT, but just wondered if anyone else has the fix? I am willing to try anything. yes, I am turning on the key to acc, not cranking it. I am familiar with these and I doing it by the book. Please help if you can.
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James Nichols

07-26-09, 09:54 PM
Under the hood, there are 6 BCM fuses, those are the only ones you need to pull.


When you pull those, they should work just fine. If not, SCT will be there in the morning to help you out. Just call and ask for RUDY. He is the main one working with the problems on this car type.

It is most likely just the fuses under the hood.

07-26-09, 10:26 PM
i did it, and no go. there are 6 fuses, 5 are 10a, one is 15a and one is labeled bcm 6/7. these are the ones you mean? i pull them before i hook up the tuner, then follow on screen directions. anything else you recommend?

07-26-09, 10:33 PM
^ If you wait untill tomorrow sct can give you the update you need so you wont have to pull fuses. I believe they just came out with that update recently

07-26-09, 10:48 PM
A couple of things to check, when I ran into trouble:

1) A VIN mismatch. The VIN in the hand held doesn't match...

2) Your car might still be in an unlocked mode from the factory. How many miles have your driven sofar?

3) Product number difference. The hand held can read the product numbers for the different software parts. Go to vehicle info -> vehicle info.
My product numbers are:

OS Part number: 12632176
Transmission: 24249179

SW partnumbers

The BCM fuse problem usually causes the new tune not to download properly.
I know the hand held does reset systems on the car as it starts to do the TCU upload.
But you already tried all those things. You say you turned the key to acc.
You have to turn the key to ON, just not start the car(don't hit the brake peddle)...


07-26-09, 10:52 PM
driven 2020 miles thus far. haven't checked for VIN mismatch. as far as those other codes, can they be changed if wrong? i guess i'll wait till tomorrow to talk to SCT

07-26-09, 11:04 PM
everything matched except one sw code. don't know how to change it.

07-26-09, 11:14 PM
pulled bcm fuses again, turned key to on, still error. just need a technician at this point i guess.

07-27-09, 01:00 PM
I thought the locked/unlocked mode of the TCU was based on number of start cycles not mileage. He might have just driven a long distance but not started the car enough. He said originally that ECU uploaded but not TCU...

How many times do you think you've started the car? Jesse (W4M) gave a number before for general reference that usually changes the lock/unlock of the TCU.


07-27-09, 01:13 PM
Dumb question but have you went to,

program vehicle,
then select CUSTOM tunes.
Then selected one of the tunes in that list? If you just try reading a tune without it having done that first it wont work.

07-28-09, 04:42 AM
yes, I am turning on the key to acc, not cranking it.
James Nichols

Please excuse me if this is foolish advice, but since I had no problems with my tune I thought I'd offer my advice. Should you be turning the key to the ON position, not ACC? Maybe this makes no difference whatsoever, but I thought I'd mention it.


07-31-09, 03:24 AM
Rudy fixed me up fast. Went to SCT remote access site, he downloaded missing files. Still had to pull fuses, but it finally worked. Max. Perf. is a badass package, let me tell you. it feels like the rear axle may drop, but I swear I am running 3.6 zero to 60. Gears snap crisply like Tony Stewart's driving, and that's in automatic mode. I wish I had a 6 speed for a day now! Great programs, Jesse, but get these things fixed before you sell them, it will make folks a lot happier. Service from W4me and SCT has been outstanding, though, I must say. I can understand there being some bugs in such a complex and new vehicle to program. Well worth it. I wouldn't pay 10k to void my warranty and risk screwing up something when I can computer tune it.

Gary Wells
07-31-09, 05:45 AM
Sounds like Jesse & SCT got your all fixed up. Glad to hear that you are happy with the outcome.

07-31-09, 05:57 AM
Good to hear you got your help. The tune is likely to be my first real mod. Still on the fence, as I wait patiently for all the bugs to be worked out.