View Full Version : 96 FWB Engine/Transmission? Problem

07-26-09, 05:38 PM
Yesterday it was a very hot day 31C and I was out driving the Caddy but after 10-20 minutes something happened to the car. It lost almost all the power, I couldnt accelerate. It sounded like something was exploding in the engine. Kind of like when a grenade explodes in a small room it sounded if something in the engine exploded. It did that 3-4 times. I pulled into a parking lot switched into P and reved it a few times. The engine was running perfectly without any problems. On the way home it happened again. I needed power but instead of accelerating the car was jerky so foot off the pedal and after a few seconds only a little bit of gas and then it worked. Now I am worried.. and I dont know what happened and what I can do to fix this problem.
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07-26-09, 08:25 PM
use the hvac and see if it triggered a code

07-26-09, 10:52 PM
Tom, check the fuel injector fuses. They are in the underhood fuse box, by the passenger side hood hinge. If memory serves correctly, there are two. Blowing one will put the car into batch fire mode, and give symptoms like you are dealing with. This happened to me on my SS when the wiring harness got burned on the passenger side header and shorted the wiring.

07-26-09, 11:34 PM
Thank you guys for your answers. So today I was out with my buddy and I told him the same story and he said it might be because there wasnt enough fuel in the gas tank or it might be dirty. We checked the fuel display in the caddy and it was 3 bars to empty. I said alright first thing is the gas station. The way to the gas station was smooth as always. Fueled the car for 50 bux and the display showed about 3/4. We were outside for good 4 hours and drove alot. Downtown .. riverside and most of the time it was city driving. I am happy everything was normal just like the day I picked it up. Thanks again for your suggestions I guess it was a little bit of dirt in the gas tank that was going through the engine.
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