: Clunk in the front end/engine when pulling away?

Unique Distributing
07-26-09, 04:57 AM
So I recently just had this problem. When i pull off from a stop i hear a clunk in my feet i am thinking it could be from the engine maybe a engine mount but i am hearing that this is not a common problem with cadillac's? Anyone have this problem?

i took the car on a hoist and didnt see nothign wrong with the wheels or anything and i tightened up the engine mount(which was a big PITA) and i think it sounded better for the 1st couple pull aways then it is back at it again. I am trying to avoid bringing it into the dealership to have them look at it with the 97$hourly shop rate. There is no warranty left on the car so I am turing to the fourm to see if anyone else had a problem like this and can help with suggestions.


07-26-09, 05:43 AM
A clunk could be a variety of things; worn/broken engine mount, worn suspension component, worn universal joint. Tough to figure out over the Forum; might have to bring it in after-all (you might bring it into a shop that does suspension and skip the Caddy dealership).

07-26-09, 02:11 PM
This is a tough call by remote control, but these cars have hydraulic engine mounts that can look just fine but may be failed. Also check the transmission mount. Is this a RWD or 4WD?

Unique Distributing
07-26-09, 05:23 PM
it is a RWD 4.6