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07-25-09, 11:45 PM
Has anyone ever tried the spray on bra from Griots Garage? It's almost like a rubber coating that is sprayed on but it isn't very pretty. I am driving up to Canada in a couple of weeks and I don't relish the thought of cleaning all the bug crap.

07-26-09, 12:37 AM
I have not used the Griots Garage stuff, but I did use Duplicolor spray on bra when I brought my vette home from the corvette museum 2 years ago. 941 miles home, no dings, chips, etc. and I know the car was taking a lot of debris from 18 wheelers 'cause I could hear it hitting the glass. Once I got home, it washed off with soap and water.


07-26-09, 10:27 PM
Spray on bra... I like that.. where can you buy that stuff?

07-26-09, 10:38 PM
Spray on bra... I like that.. where can you buy that stuff?

This is the stuff I used on my vette. 2 years ago it was available at any AutoZone, don't know about now.

The Tony Show
07-27-09, 01:07 PM
I didn't use the rubberized one, but I did get a big botltle of Griot's BUG OFF! for my 2004. It sprays on like a clear syrup and looks pretty nasty, but when you rinse it off with warm water you'll find all the bugs are caught in the mess and not stuck to your bumper.

I'd advise you to order one of their small spray bottles (the sample sized ones) instead of applying it with the large "finest sprayer" it comes in- the nozzle on the large sprayer is not fine enough, and you end up with the product running all over the place.

07-27-09, 01:30 PM
what does this stuff look like? i'm kind of curious because i've always pondered some type of spray for rims during those winter months to keep the finish from getting eaten up. winter wheels would obviously be a choice, but does anyone know of any type of spray for a polished or chrome rim?

The Tony Show
07-27-09, 01:37 PM
I would think that the sprays wouldn't be good on rims, particularly because of the how hot they get. That's just a guess though- they may work fine.

The Griot's BUG OFF is a clear fluid the consistency of maple syrup. You mist it on the front bumper, and it dries to a tacky finish. I think it's only meant to be left on for a few days or a week- just between washings, then reapplied.

07-27-09, 05:15 PM
Any time I take a road trip I put an application of Rejex to the leading edges of my cars (Including the glass.) prior to departure. After the trip the bugs almost rinse off with the hose end sprayer alone ... slight wiping is all thats necessary.

No goo to mess with, just use it as directed and it works. I use it on the whole car except for the dark plastic pieces and the matte black around the side glass.

07-27-09, 06:18 PM
I tried a spary-on bra on the missus once...