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PurtyVille '92
07-25-09, 02:01 AM
Did this by myself today in my 1988 Brougham. This is my first headliner replacement in any car, ever. I got some quotes from local upholstery shops in Louisville. The lowest was $400!!! So I decided to risk it, spend about $70 bucks, and do it myself.

It took an ungodly amount of time. I got 3 yards of velvet from Hancock Fabrics. They didn't have red headliner material (only maroon, which looks purple against this interior). I thought the velvet gave it a more luxurious look and texture, and it adhered to the headliner VERY well after removing the factory spray foam. It took 2 yards for the headliner and another yard or so to cover the corner panels with the reading lamps. The spots you see are texture, and not stains or dirt.



Have another person help you.
Use 3M Super Trim Adhesive. Get two cans.
Pull the headliner out of the front passenger door. The corners where the visors screw in, and the coat hanger holes will crack. It is impossible to avoid. If you put the fabric on tight enough, it will not sag.
Lay the material on the headliner and fold one half over lengthwise. Spray the fabric lightly, and the headliner liberally, and wait until dry before doing the other half.
Make sure that it is perfectly centered before clipping it up. The map light console has a screw that has to be centered (mine is consequently crooked).
Bring a sweat towel and/or a hat or something to prevent sweat from getting on the fabric.
You will get the factory spray foam all over yourself and everything you touch, including the interior, so be prepared to detail afterward.

Angry Matt
07-25-09, 07:15 AM
Looks great. I've been putting off doing one for a while now, I hope mine comes out as good as yours. Love the color.

If you're in Louisville, make sure you eat at Spinelli's Pizza!

07-25-09, 09:23 PM
That looks really great.

Not bad for $70. :)

Does the roof feel any different without the foam? Or does the velvet help that a bit?

PurtyVille '92
07-25-09, 10:45 PM
Considering that the headliner fabric and foam was previously trashed (I think the previous owner was a smoker), it feels a lot better. It still feels somewhat plush, even though there is no foam backing.

07-25-09, 11:57 PM
I've been thinking about re-doing my headliner with some faux leather from the fabric store. I suppose it would be more durable than cloth.

07-26-09, 12:07 AM
Great job.

07-26-09, 02:07 AM
More pics!

07-26-09, 06:46 PM
That looks good. In the picture it looks like leather sued...

07-29-09, 12:51 AM
That looks awesome. Seeing stuff like this is making me want to get an early 80's big-body Coupe Deville.

m0ar pics!!!1

07-29-09, 01:20 AM
I once considered having the Cadillac crest embroidered into the headliner (as if there aren't enough emblems laying around). Fortunately the headliner is factory perfect, and it will be a cold day in hell before I touch it until it comes down naturally.