: Mounted my Tru Cool 40k transmision cooler a little different.

07-25-09, 01:40 AM
So i finally got around to installing my 40,000 GVW Tru Cool transmission cooler. I put it after my radiator because this is such an efficient cooler that if mounted up front like most people do my tranny would run at about 150* and that's a little too cool for me. Plus mounting it after everything i'll get better A/C performance and my motor will run quite a bit cooler, since i by passed the stock radiator in tank transmission cooler and removed the front auxiliary cooler.
Tranny temps before were about 190* and coolant was about 189* with about 103* ambient temps in stop and go driving.
After temps with about 102* ambient temp stop and go driving were about tranny 180* and coolant 177*.
Stock auxiliary cooler
Tru-Cool 40,000 GVW cooler.