View Full Version : Chip for Eldo 95 LE

07-22-04, 10:07 AM
ok here is my question..I have a stock 1995 Eldorado limited Edition convertable and my grandfather is looking to modify it....he wants to know if there is a chip out there which will give him more horse power and stuff like that....also if you know of any toher modificatoins that can be done to this old dog please let me know...thanks :hmm:

Allante North *
07-23-04, 05:51 PM
Chips are available for the OBD1, however the advice I was once given was to just drive it like you stole it. I never did buy the chip for mine. I did however upgrade the exhaust and it seems to help some and sounds great. Do a search for chips on this board if your still interested. Good Luck!