: New 93 Fleet owner w/ accelerator issues

07-23-09, 09:23 PM
Just bought 93 fleet from dealer (something I thought I would never do) am my happiness is wearing thin very fast. This is what's going on; 1st time- driving my new baby home and halfway after sitting at a traffic light, turns green on the traffic light, I push forward riding slow, then boom I hit 30-35mph and the accelerator wont budge. Its not getting stuck to floor, but opposite, wont touch floor (will not accelrate). I had to pull over, put in park before I put it back on road. I made it home that evening with no more problems. 2nd time- Next day, today, I drove it and it happened again, not right away but about 10-15 mins after startup. 3rd time- same day later on, it happens again, WITH TRAFFIC BEHIND ME! It gets stuck doing 30-35 and pedal wont even push down, like its flexing and pushing up. In anticipation today, I waited for it to happen so I listened, it seemed as if the tranny didnt go into 2nd gear when it happened. Didnt hear any weird or loud noises or anything and dont even know for sure if it didnt move into 2nd. Just trying to help. Could it be tranny. Other than this car runs fine. I am Im so confused and pissed off. Help anyone please and thank you.

07-23-09, 09:36 PM
The first thing you have to is take the car back the dealer, and demand that they look at the problem (hopefully passing a full inspection was a factor of the deal, and you can threaten them into repairing it for free).

I can't see the transmission causing the gas pedal to not go down. Something like that would more likely be a binding pedal linkage, throttle cable to the engine, or binding linkage on the throttle body. Best case scenario is that the linkage or cable just needs to be lubed, to get it to move freely. But if you touch anything, or try to repair it yourself, then you will lose any leverage with the dealer, and any possibility of them repairing it for a free or at a discount will go away.

07-24-09, 12:31 AM
Check if the tire sizes match and traction indicator light. The traction control will cause exactly what you are explaining. If the tire on one side is larger than the other, the wheels are not traveling at the the same pace so the computer will see it as wheel spin and engage the traction control causing decreased acceleration and a stiff pedal that pushes back.

07-24-09, 10:21 AM
Hot Damn! You are right the traction light did come on. I was on the way to the dealer when I read your post and RAN outside to check tires and yes, three are 235/75/15 while the other is 230/70/ 15. Im gonna change that tire and pray to God my troubles stop (at least on this issue). You guys have been way more help than the less-than the dealer who would not have told me this and did not seem to want to help anyway. Thanks for both posts guys.

07-25-09, 10:32 AM
Glad to be of any help. I am pretty sure your problem should be solved...

07-26-09, 02:13 AM
I got to admit, that was a good call. One question, what happens if you have to put the spare on, is it full size or do you not go over 30? or pull the fuse?

07-26-09, 10:26 AM
there is a button in the glove box that turns the trac control off
you must press and hold for a few seconds, open glove box, and to the left side you should see it, its a must when driving in the snow, or ?? to shut off that
stupid trac control

that was a good call,

07-28-09, 05:32 AM
Yep, no more probs. I bought a whole new set of whitewalls ($400) to go on there. The one tire that the tire place deemed "good" was put on the spare because the spare was showing wires! I thought the same thing if a tire blew, I would go through that again, but once again another great answer with the glovebox thing. Where do you people come from? I thought I loved my cadillacs but you people ("you people" in good sense) make me look like dirt. I have to step my game up. You people are freagin life savers.:worship: