: brake pads question

07-23-09, 03:42 PM

I need some knew pads and was thinking about getting some Hawk's. I know what I need up front but in the rear I have two choices. I can get front fitment rear pads or I can get rear fitment rear pads. Which one is what I need for my 2004 escalade AWD. Im assuming its the front fitment rear pads...

07-23-09, 04:29 PM
Wow first time I saw that with the choices, I will try to find the right one, but I am willing to guess that the thicker .670 pad would be used if you cut your rotors, if your rotors are not cut you would use the thinner .640 pad, there is only .030" thickness difference, that is the thinkness of two regular business cards put together give or take, not much difference at all