07-23-09, 01:59 PM
Good Morning! I just got a 06 EXT w/ 25,000 mile. So I am getting around 15-17 in town and 19-21 with cruise control on. So I am going to up grade my Intake from this. This is a K&N plastic cold air!

07-23-09, 04:34 PM
:highfive: next you remove the clamps on the throdbody, then go to the other end and take that clamp off. remove the main housing. then take of the Mass Air controler be carefull with the Plug for wires.

07-23-09, 04:39 PM
;) OK Now let remove the Air box. Take the filter out and screws in the bottom and lift it out. Now everything is out and ready to put back!

07-23-09, 04:40 PM
seems to be working

07-23-09, 04:44 PM
:highfive::highfive: This is WHAT comes OFF! now the E in EVS,EXT stands for Excellent K&N clams 14 hp.

07-23-09, 04:49 PM
:thumbsup: Know mount the Mass Air to the heat sheild, then use the two screws to hold it down to fender same holes for filter.

07-23-09, 04:57 PM
Now you are ready to put on the tube. this take 4 clamps and two rubber sleeves. put one sleeve and clamp on each end only.. Then slide one more clamp on each end over to the next clamp and leave it loose. Slide the tub over the two ends and move the clamps back and tighing the clamps. ( hide the slotted end of clamp on the back side of intake out of site)

07-23-09, 05:12 PM
:stirpot: Now hock up the Mass Air Plug to unit. Install air filter (keep clamp moved to the rear to hide the slot) Your done, and it's that easy for all off us.
And look how clean it Looks. I will say you cant Feel the HP. but it is there! You will have a little increase MPG! Remember the more you use the cruise control the Better your MPG will be. Only the computer can work it's power to get the Optimum MPG, not your heavy foot.:highfive:

08-20-09, 07:36 PM
Maybe my Cold Air Intake made my transmission go out?:hmm:

08-20-09, 08:22 PM
I dont see how that would matter.... did u replace the stock one back in before you brought it in for service? If the dealers are pricks they may deny the claim since its an aftermarket performance part....

08-20-09, 08:42 PM
I doubt it hurt you, but if you really wanna get rid of it...

08-20-09, 08:57 PM
No they can't say anything about it, it has the Cal. Carb Sticker on it.

08-20-09, 11:23 PM
No they can't say anything about it, it has the Cal. Carb Sticker on it.

That's just for emissions testing requirements.... that doesn't mean GM will acknowledge it as an acceptable intake. Hopefully they don't say anything but I dont think the dealer is going to care its emissions safe.... its still an aftermarket accessory....

03-06-10, 08:38 PM
Now that some time has passed how are the fuel numbers and living with the Mod.

03-08-10, 01:20 PM
At first, I thought post #9 was a joke. Further posts show that it's not, though it's still funny (not to him, obviously).

I think the whole intake thing is a little overblown, but my dealership service advisor and mechanic friends seem to think mine does give an improved performance at take off and low throttle situations where the factory intake has a bit of a hiccup.

You would have to put the vehicle through a before/after dyno or mileage test to see a difference; you won't feel anything just by driving, IMO.

I think the True Flow is a prettier set-up:


03-08-10, 01:51 PM
The K&N is a semi-open sytem...which mean it introduces hot air to the intake unlike the stock which pulls air from the fender well.All the K&N does it use a freer flowing filter and does away with the intake silencer.

The next one shown,True Flow, would be a better choice with a good filter.

03-08-10, 09:21 PM
I have always spent the big money on the K&N, this time i was in autozone and saw the Spectrum cold air intake. 150 bucks later i got it and love it. That with a corsa exhaust and nelsonperformance, my truck runs 100% different.

03-09-10, 09:11 AM
That rue flow is nice!

where you get it ?

did you paint the covers grey/silver?

03-09-10, 09:52 AM
That rue flow is nice!

where you get it ?

did you paint the covers grey/silver?

Well I just discovered that True Flow went out of business a few months ago. It appears that there are still quite a few out there at the after-market shops. I originally probably paid around $200.

You can read my earlier post for performance.

The True Flow originally comes with a dark gray metalflake paint finish. I painted the tube, the engine covers, and the air intake box in white diamond.

03-12-10, 09:57 PM
This was a nice write up. Sure would have been nice to see some pictures.