: 1997 Northstar low speed hesitation and noise

07-23-09, 01:40 PM
I have a 1997 deville concours with 115k miles. It was stored and not run for over a year. It was given to me and is fantastic shape. ( To get it operational I changed the battery, sucked out the ATF fluid with the replacement pump system, did the same for power steering fluid. Oil and filter was changed and fluids checked.
Did not do the fuel filter (don't know where it is). Front shocks are very soft.
Problem: The car starts and runs great including idle. High speed good on freeway and acceleration. ***At low speed, around 25pmh to 35mph when one lets off the gas, there is a slight hesitation with a growl like abs compressor is trying to run or the leveling compressor is running. But there is a physical hesitation....just slightly. What is going on? Tranny does not appear to slip and is working and shifting fine. Fluid is correct height on stick.
It gets progressively worse as the car runs during the day, and I am using it to try and get it to manifest its issues. Temps look good and no drips of any kind. I do notice that with todays temps, the car starts occassionally harder (temps this week @ 100 degrees here in Reno).
On a speed bump the abs compressor will fire at the drop of a hat. Is this normal? Turns too the abs will occasionally fire.
Thanks so much for helping. This a a beautiful ride and want to use it for clients (Im in Real Estate)