View Full Version : 97 SLS Stalls Only On Hot Days

07-22-04, 06:45 AM
Hi guys. I have a 97 Seville SLS, 117K. I just recently bought it and I really like it BUT . . . It is stalling at traffic lights. I had a dealer mechanic clean the throttle body and EGR valve (per CadillacForums) and it still stalls, but only sometimes. The one correlation I have found is that it will only do it when the outside temperature is high, say over 90 or 91 degrees. At lower temps, it never does it. It doesn't seem to matter whether the A/C is on or not. Also it doesn't seem to matter whether or not the car is in gear. One time a code was set for "HO2 sensor slow response, sensor 1 bank 1", but it didn't stay set. Other than that it runs great.

I am not a mechanic, but I want to fix this myself. I have a set of FSMs on backorder and I have some mechanical experience, but the N* is new to me. I want to do as much maintenance myself as possible. I feel like this is a small problem and it would be best to figure it out myself rather than going back to a dealer over and over. Any ideas?

07-22-04, 09:02 PM
First thing to do is check for any DTC's (digital trouble codes). Chances are there are one or more set and will tell you what the problem is. These Caddy's are pretty good at self diagnosis.