: More fun (not) with Bluetooth

07-22-09, 07:58 AM
I stopped by my tire shop last night on the way home from work to get a quick balance (shimmy in the steering wheel). After checking in at the front desk I called home to say I'd be a little late. Now, I already knew enough about my car's bluetooth that I moved farther away from the car sitting outside the door as I started the call.

So I was chatting with the mrs, and the tech went out to get the car. I watched as he seemed to struggle with starting the car (I thought). After a few seconds I realized my wife wasn't responding to me, and yes - when the tech started the car the d**n bluetooth grabbed the phone call and transferred it into the car.

I finally realized what was happening and dropped the call from my end and shut off my phone's BT. I think the tech was very confused when he heard my wife talking over the car stereo after he started the car.

07-23-09, 09:59 AM
turn off you blue tooth.... . . . . .

07-31-09, 02:21 PM
Been there...Done THAT !!!!

I have had that happen with my Garmin when my car is in the garage !!!!

Have learned to turn off the Bluetooth at the phone !!!


Thought I was the ONLY one with this problem!!