: Wheel sponsorship anyone???

07-21-09, 11:13 PM
What's up everyone?! I just wanted to introduce FORGED COLLECTION to the board. We're a new retail based 3 piece wheel distributor in South Miami specializing in high end 3 piece and 1 piece forged wheels.

So here's what I'm looking for:
We're trying our hardest to have a strong presence in the V community, and to get the new retail shop up and running strong. I'm searching for some of the sickest V's in Florida to come down, pick out some wheels at a heavily discounted price and let us get them on your car and do some professional photo shoots for our gallery. Also, some great guys who are heavily involved in the V community who can help us get our names out there, show the wheels off and maybe wear a little sticker on the car if possible. We're really mainly looking to for some good relationships with some influencial V owners.

Take a look at our website to see our wheel styles:

PM me or give me a call (305-661-9370) any time to talk about details, but to sum it up I'm offering:

-Any of our 3 piece forged wheels at a heavily discounted rate (not free, and they are expensive wheels, but this price will be very affordable depending on what you can offer us)

-A professional photo shoot by one of Miami's best automotive photographers.

-In exchange for some good online and local representation.

Pretty simple! Call for details any time!!!
Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

07-21-09, 11:40 PM
Thats sounds like a great deal, I see you guys on club lexus alot. To bad I don't live in Miami cause your wheels are some of my favorites.

07-22-09, 01:24 AM
I wish I was in your area. I would be there in a heartbeat!

I love that set you had in stock that just sold! Those would be the wheels I would go with, but in chrome.

Want to get a set of wheels on my car for some Los Angeles (So Cal) advertising?


07-22-09, 10:00 AM
Oh man I'm frustrated... lol. Wish you guys had been on the board a few months ago. I live in Tampa and got the SF-6 on my 09. I like the agressive look they add, but love the mesh 8. Those are my fav's after seeing the pics. Had spec multi on my Z06. Wanna hook a brother up with a second set of wheels?

PM me if you would with pricing etc if you would.