: 08 STS Subwoofers and amp install gone wrong help!!!

07-21-09, 06:56 PM
Hi guys

I had some subs and an amp installed in my system a few weeks ago, the subs are n but they sound really low, and another thing my xm icon is no longer on my display screen. I had these same subs and amp in another car a 98 STS and they were loud as hell, with the gain and base boost turned half way up, now the gain and bass boost are turn all the way up and they sound half as loud. The installer said he used a PAC Highlevel to lowlevel converter and it is turn all the way up as well.

I've adjusted all the audio base to max and it is still very low to me. I don't know where her pulled the line from but its got to be the wrong place. He said that I need a crossover to amplify the sound and get the subs rockin back to where they were before, because the new GM systems doesn't provide enough signal strength and thats why they sound low. This all sounds like crap to me, anyone have any ideas on what the hell is going on here.

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07-22-09, 10:13 AM
I am located in FT Lauderdale.

07-24-09, 12:38 AM
Are you having with the sub only. usually when you have a loss of signal either you pos.neg wires are touching or your rcas are going bad take your rcas out your amp plug an ipod with rca plugs into your amp see if you get the same response. If you do next step take your box apart and look at the wiring. A easy test take your hand and push the sub in so it goes in. straight if you hear a crunching noise your sub is paper weight, your voice coils are blown post your results.