: CTS-V Parts

07-21-09, 12:19 AM
Hey Luke,
First off I want to tell you thank you for the UUC Diff bushing. I had it installed, along with my BMR kit. I got everything they offer for the rear diff. I think its ok. Have some noise in the back, sounds like exhaust rumble, but Im taking it back in to get it checked out. Very quick shipping btw.

Okay so heres what I need prices on whenever you get the chance.
1) AC High Pressure Sensor--- They are telling me that my AC doesnt work because the fluid leaked and burned my high pressure sensor... I have no clue where its at, or what Im looking for, but Im not taking it back to those jack asses. Took it in a week before my Cali trip and they took forever and ordered the wrong part. I had a single cupholder all the way to Dallas to catch my flight, one for the drink, and the other was occupied by the deodorant. Thanks Gateway tire... haha

2) UUC Transmission mounts
3) UUC Motor mounts
4) UUC Short Shifter (if you can get it)

C. Haas from Shreveport, LA

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
07-21-09, 08:46 AM
I believe the sensor you are looking for is on the line coming from the AC condensor and going back to the evap core. it is $51.00. the UUC engine and trans mount pkg is $385.00 and the shifter and bushing pkg is $399.00.

Luke 703-824-9670