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07-20-09, 10:53 PM
Come on STS-V owners. Help me have a little fun with our brothers


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07-20-09, 11:25 PM
Loved the 'roid comment! Priceless!

07-21-09, 08:40 AM
Ehhh different cars for different purposes. The STS-V looks more classy, but the V2 looks more aggressive (IMO). I drove around the 09 CTS w the sport package for almost a week while the dealership had my car which gave me some real day/night time with the car. The cabin feels more enclosed, similar to the cockpit of an A4 skyhawk and there's simply not as much room in the back for the the passengers. One thing I did learn is I do not like the adaptive headlights. Enough so I will not purchase a car with them. So I guess the V2 is out of the running for me now unless they build in a "fix" that locks them in place.

07-21-09, 05:31 PM
I think if I owned a V2 I would say my car was head and shoulders above the STS-V in every major category - performance, styling, interior, fit and finish, etc.

So I guess to call a spade a spade, the V2 is the better car. However, for what I paid for my slightly used STS-V, the V2 is not twice the better car as the price would command.

Cars are funny. You envy what you don't have. I would love to get into a V2, but my rational sense kicks in -- the extra horsepower will be rarely used and the smaller cabin will be less comfortable. Not worth dumping the STS-V right now.

07-21-09, 09:18 PM