: Engine is breaking in

07-20-09, 08:34 PM
So far so good the engine seems to be breaking in well. There is noticeably more power than right after they installed it. They never gave me any break in directions and I read that with new engines you need to get the oil changed out right away? I have GMPP plan that covers oil changes. Do you think they will do the oil change free under that plan? The computer says oil is like 76% good so if they go by that they will say no I assume.

I checked the oil though it is NOT black it is brownish.


07-21-09, 08:57 AM
Some folks promote getting the oil changed around the 1000 mile mark after you get a new car/engine. But as far as the dealership is concerned I doubt they will and cover the cost. They'll change it at it's standard service interval. But if you want to spring the 100.00 for it I know they'll be glad to. :D

Mine got changed around 3400 miles when they had to replace the lower crankcase seal.