: What song is a "must listen to" when driving your V

07-20-09, 08:29 AM
One song per reply. Before I start to load up my Bose hard drive, hit me with the song that is a MUST HEAR, and I will extract a list from LimeWire and give it a run.
I'm starting to max out on my own personal list, and I have almost a terabyte of music on my computer.

07-20-09, 09:25 AM
All nightmare long - Metallica

07-20-09, 09:29 AM
I don't know about the caddy specifically but here are a few driving songs I like.

Battle without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill theme)- Tomoyasu Hotei
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Ramble On - Led Leppelin
Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
Suicide Blonde - INXS
You - Candlebox

That should keep you downloading for a few minutes. What do you have on your list?

07-20-09, 09:51 AM
This has been done already :)


07-20-09, 09:52 AM
"Burn it to the ground" Nickelback

07-20-09, 09:56 AM
"Smoke on the Water", Deep Purple.

Gary Wells
07-20-09, 10:18 AM
Golden Earring:
Twilight Zone
Radar Love

I can't drive 55

The Hot Rod Cadillac and / or Hot Rod Lincoln song from about 1955 0r so.

The original "Thunder Road"

07-20-09, 12:36 PM
"The Bleeding" - Five Finger Death Punch

07-20-09, 12:51 PM
All the above...:cool:

07-20-09, 03:59 PM
Led Zeppelin "Rock and Roll"

...and I loved this song even before Cadillac started using it in their commercials. I wish they'd put the song in just one ad for the V, it would be more appropriate than for the base CTS. :) I've even got the vinyl for Led Zep IV somewhere in my basement...

07-20-09, 04:28 PM

07-20-09, 04:34 PM
You guys, get real, one song, and one song ONLY....

.. " HiWay to Hell "

07-20-09, 04:35 PM
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Highway 377 its about a Cadillac!

07-20-09, 04:39 PM
Chris Rea "TEXAS"

07-20-09, 05:36 PM
Highway Star
Deep Purple

07-20-09, 06:57 PM
Folks -

Golden Earring:
Radar Love

Gary hit it, right here. This unofficial poll has been around a LOT longer than web-based forums have. Usenet driving groups, such as rec.autos.driving of long, long past, have had threads about the perfect "driving song" for years and years.

Radar Love always wins. Hands down. It's an audio speeding ticket, waiting to happen.


07-20-09, 07:03 PM
Sorry, your not living in the 21st Centuary, it is......

. . HiWay to Hell

07-20-09, 07:17 PM
"Burn it to the ground" NickelbackGood call!

Golden Earring:
Twilight Zone
Radar Love

I can't drive 55

The Hot Rod Cadillac and / or Hot Rod Lincoln song from about 1955 0r so.

The original "Thunder Road"Got em both and "one piece at a time" By Johnny Cash, and "Shine your Cadillac" by Evan's Blue and "Cadillac Dreams" by Kiss. Good ones. :thumbsup:

"The Bleeding" - Five Finger Death PunchBlammo! that and "Stranger than fiction" are top ten! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Then I finish up with Chevelle "Vitamin R" and "I get it!" "Vitamin R" get's my pulse up. :thumbsup:

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Highway 377 its about a Cadillac!Definately gonna look this one up.:thumbsup:

Chris Rea "TEXAS"Love Chris Rea "Working on it". Describes my life! Gonna try "Texas" Thanks to all!

07-20-09, 09:45 PM
Here's an oldie - Jan and Dean - Drag City!

07-20-09, 10:05 PM
Run to the Hills, Iron Maiden...drum cadence will have you going 100 plus in no time!

07-20-09, 10:33 PM
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Highway 377 its about a Cadillac!Noice! (says haysoos a little too often) but a real good caddy song.

Chris Rea "TEXAS"Excellent choice. Love the warm bubbly bass near the end. Built for the Bose rear deck sub. Keeper. I like this obscure stuff with a real good bass rumble. Thanks.

Run to the Hills, Iron Maiden...drum cadence will have you going 100 plus in no time!Ahh yes, I'm adding Run to the hills as we speak to join up with The Trooper and Flight of Icarus. Good call, a permanent hard drive must. :thumbsup:

07-21-09, 06:24 PM
"Back In The Saddle"- Aerosmith (studio cut off the 1976 ROCKS album).

From the tense, sounds-of-doom intro to the rocking ending, this song kicks serious butt; and is a fitting sound for the CTS-V from the moment you start the engine, until you are at-speed in the interstate and above.

"Nobody's Fault" off the same album is another good number to listen to 'at-speed'.

07-21-09, 07:41 PM
1. Uncle Ted's (Nugent),

(Followed closely by PearlJam - Garden)

07-21-09, 08:11 PM
"Numb" - Linkin Park

07-21-09, 09:11 PM
"Three Times a Lady" by Lionel Richie :sunnynana:


21st Century by Bad Religion

or my favorite.....


Gary Wells
07-21-09, 11:09 PM
At least nobody's popped up yet with "It's A Small World".

I don't know why I forgot Led Zepps "Stairway To Heaven" almost always voted as the all time favorite song of all time.

Doesn't anybody else like that for jamming?

06-17-10, 10:37 PM
Yeah, the Maiden songs will definitely get you going faster than you should. Also Freewheel Burning and Rapid Fire by Priest, Live Wire by Motley Crue and Detroit Rock City by Kiss.Now for a 180, Speed by Eightball and MJG,BOB by Outkast and Notorious Thugs by Biggie with Bone Thugs!

06-17-10, 10:46 PM
This always gets two or three plays...the rhythm seems to go to my right foot.

YouTube- ZZ Top - La Grange

06-17-10, 11:41 PM
Clash- Brand New Cadillac

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06-17-10, 11:48 PM

YouTube- AC/DC - T.N.T

06-17-10, 11:53 PM
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06-17-10, 11:56 PM
My dad would always play The Cars, ToTo, and Styx on road trips when I was a kid.

One of my favorites for a laid back drive - "Drive" by The Cars


Also love Africa by ToTo


And Mr. Roboto by Styx

06-18-10, 12:15 AM
These seem appropriate...

"Redneck Girl"--Bellamy Brothers

"I Want My Mullet Back"--Billy Ray Cyrus

"Redneck Yacht Club"--Craig Morgan

"Rednecks, White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer"--Johnny Russell

06-18-10, 12:20 AM
"Sympathy for the devil" - The Rolling Stones

06-18-10, 12:52 AM

06-18-10, 12:56 AM
And what do you goobers play while I'm cranking this in my Black Raven??


06-18-10, 01:03 AM
Now, when I hit 164 in my V1, I was listening to this...


06-18-10, 01:32 AM
The correct answer is "Lovesick" by Lindstrom and Christabelle.

Its actually the song that plays in the background of the CTS-V commercial. :P

06-18-10, 01:55 PM
Down with the sickness- Disturbed

06-18-10, 01:58 PM
Bulls on parade-Rage Against the Machine

06-18-10, 03:13 PM
The correct answer is "Lovesick" by Lindstrom and Christabelle.

Its actually the song that plays in the background of the CTS-V commercial. :P
That is good for cruising low. Great song and commercial, BTW...

06-18-10, 08:17 PM
Oldie but goodie....

"Green Grass and High Tides" - The Outlaws

If you're driving your V2 and you get to the end of this song and you are less that 20% above the posted speed limit.... sumthin' wrong with you! :thumbsup:

06-18-10, 09:29 PM
"Undead" by Hollywood Undead. If just for the Cadillac lines.

+1 on Five Finger as well! Ivan was the man until his voice started to die.

I know we only get one but honorable mention to "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper from "Rocky IV as well

06-18-10, 10:44 PM
Ich Will - Rammstein
Atom Bomb - Fluke
The American Way - The Crystal Method
Absurd - Fluke
Battle without honor or humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei
Born to slow -The Crystal Method

Maybe not traditional AC/DC or the like but still sounds good...to me at least

06-18-10, 11:13 PM
Kick Start My Heart, Motley Crue

06-19-10, 12:18 AM
Roll right - Rage Against the Machine

06-19-10, 07:38 AM
The correct answer is "Lovesick" by Lindstrom and Christabelle.

Its actually the song that plays in the background of the CTS-V commercial. :P

One more vote for this one, this is a must have on V's HDD!

06-19-10, 10:54 PM
My favorite is, radio in the OFF mode, and exhaust note in the WOT mode.

Do I have a second on that.....

any ayes.......

all apposed.....

06-20-10, 01:22 AM
No but you have some Lynard Skynard blaring for the rest of the 'necks in their V's! :)

06-20-10, 01:30 AM
When first starting out to warm the car up , my ritual is to play the theme from "passinger 57 -wesley snipes" , then once the car is ready for action I listen to the Jeff Hamilton trio jazz band's latest cd -Symbioses .

east coast ctsv
06-20-10, 09:33 AM
Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry for speeds over 100.:Playdrv4me:

whodats cts-v
06-20-10, 03:07 PM
highway to the danger zone >top gun
panama >van halen
xm radio>octane 48

06-20-10, 06:16 PM

YouTube- Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the band &quot;with lyrics&quot;