: 94 Cadillac Deville amp install factory swap

07-19-09, 06:34 PM
I just got a 94 Cadillac Devile from the original owner. The factory stereo was not Bose. The previous owner put an aftermarket stereo in it. I want to put the factory one back in and install an amp and sub. Should the swap from aftermarket to factory be a simple task? Also, what's the best way to route the power wire to the trunk? I couldn't find a grommet in the firewall. Is it pretty easy to remove the moldings to run the RCA, power, and remote wires? I also purchased a LOC to add RCA's to the factory radio. Will the LOC fit behind the factory stereo?

07-23-09, 03:31 PM
Okay I installed the factory radio, everything works. I took out the glove box and couldn't see a grommet to the engine compartment. Also took out the panel under the gas/brake pedal, but couldn't see an obvious passage to the engine compartment. Do I need to drill a hole through the fire wall? Also, for the remote wire for an amp, I heard you can run it off the antenna trigger. I looked at the antenna in the trunk and didn't see a pink wire that's supposed to be the antenna trigger. anybody know what color that wire is supposed to be?

08-03-09, 12:24 AM
You put the power wire on the same side is your battery is what's size gauge are you using. If you can't find a gourmet drive a hole in the firewall and make sure you know where you are drilling at. A good space is along the brake lines which where I did mine in my 86, however the battery was on the same the master cylinder. Make sure you add a gourmet for your amp wire. Ebay sell great groumets from stinger. If you need anymore help write back