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07-19-09, 01:04 AM
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum, and I'm looking at possibly buying a 70s era Cadillac Coupe DeVille as a second car within the next year or two, what years are best? I'm really debating between the 71-73 DeVilles, and the 77-79 DeVilles the most because those are the years I like style wise the best and seem to offer the most powerful engines. So I hope that maybe the owners of these cars could give me some feedback. I know that the 77-79s are probably slower than the pre-73 models because of all of the emissions regulations, but by how much? And do they drive any differently? So basically I'd just like to know what I should look for and what differences there are in Coupe DeVilles? Which one would you choose and why?

07-19-09, 01:43 AM
I'd choose whatever look you like the best. Keep in mind the 77-79 cars are a bit smaller and had framed door glass(bleh). 74-76 they really ballooned the proportions up, and IMO made them kind of ugly. Personally I like the 69-70 body style best, the lines were a lot crisper and hard edged, no emissions equipment either.

07-19-09, 03:44 AM
Here are some pics of my old 68 Coupe Deville which I owned for 3 years until I sold it:( and got me a 61 Lincoln Continental which is by far a much better car that is better built and is of higher quality than the Cadillac.







I also owned a 72 Sedan Deville, which also was a cool car, very pimpish and gangster, but not nearly as cool as the 68. I honestly don't like any Cadillac after 70 the quality of the interior trimming are cheaper and my 72 looked very bland inside with cheap plastic parts. But it gave me no troubles and they are built like tanks! I personally prefer the front ends on the 69's the best, they look very sharkish and are massive. The 72's are more sharp looking, and look better than the 73 on up. Mid 70's Cads grills were less impressive in 75 they got flatter but have better looking interiors.

Anything 70 and down are much better cars overall when it comes to styling, quality, and performance. For instance on my 68, the chrome trim was real, and had stainless steel for the moldings. My 72 was pot metal, and I could tell that the quality of the 72 was not up to par as the 68. But both Caddys were very good to me though, both had the big bad ass 472 that always ran great ( the 72 Cad had less HP ) and I enjoyed them both while I had them. I really regret selling the 68, it was such a nice car!

07-19-09, 09:44 AM
The early 70's cars, although they had huge engines, had jack in terms of power. They also sucked down gas like you wouldn't believe. Just about every car at that time did due to emissions standards. My favorites are the mid 70's, simply because they are so massive and I love the square headlight look ('75-'76).

07-19-09, 12:59 PM
Tough call...I really have a soft spot for the 78-79's, and they basically used that style until 92 (So they must've done something right). I think the 77-79 drive far different than the earlier years. You really can't go wrong with a Caddy coupe though.

07-19-09, 01:19 PM
69 and 70 are my favorite with the most powerful engines at 375 horsepower. You also sit up a bit higher in these models. 68 is when the smog/air pump started but that only uses about 2hp. For 70 only, they dropped the air pump. 71 is when put the air pump back on and the major emissions mods came with lower compression ratios, flatter camshafts and a drop to 340 hp. 72 the power was robbed again and a different way of measuring hp was used called SAE and it was rated at 220. 73 was about the same or a little lower and I think they added an EGR valve (more junk but it can be disconnected) 72 was a great looking car. My picks: 70 or 72.

07-20-09, 06:28 AM
Bought a '73 because I like it most...
Althought the '69/'70 are a very tough cars too...
Don't like the front end of '71/'72 though

'73 also runs on unleaded without probs...

07-20-09, 10:25 AM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In Coupe deVilles, I personally like, in order of preference: 75, 76, 69, 70, 77, 79, 78. My observation is you sit low and look out over the football field sized hood in the 69-76 models plus it's a bit challenging to judge where the car is when you're in tight places. The 77-79 is easier to maneuver since there is a better feel for the four corners of the car with a higher seating position yet there also seems to be less headroom in the coupes from the 77-79 vintage.

07-20-09, 11:10 AM
'70 is my favorite... but I had a '70 Deville Convertible back in 2003, should have never sold that car :(

07-20-09, 06:35 PM
'69 is the sharpest-looking in my opinion, easily the best tail lights of any of the years you've listed, and the awesome grill. No smog garbage either.


07-20-09, 10:20 PM
If its size you're after go for the 75/76 biggest in terms of length and in terms of engine with the 500. Big is Good.