View Full Version : Just dragged the 60 out of the barn and fired 'er up (pics)

07-18-09, 11:57 PM
Needed some rubber, so we through a set of sorta cool wheels and tires left over from another project. Just turned 72K miles. Drove all day today and what a great day it was! Hate to say it but she may be for sale soon. More pics available by request.





07-19-09, 06:14 AM
That 60 is one great looking Cadillac. I have a 67 fleetwood and I am finding myself more interested in it, than my 05 Deville, 06 Mustang, or 98 Land rover. I can imagine that after I get it in top shape, the other 3 vehicles may end up sitting alot. The type of styling and quality found in these old beasts is simply non exsistent in todays cars. My Mustang looks so nice, but as soon as you sit inside, or look under neath it, all you see is what was more important than anything for new cars today... "CUT COSTS" You get this sick feeling of..."CHEAP" even though you may have paid in upwards of $30,0000, you cut no corners in buying it, but the manufacturer sure did in building it.

07-19-09, 09:41 AM
Oh man....What a sweet ride.

07-19-09, 02:04 PM
What a great looking car! I know the '59s are supposed to be the iconic model, but I love the back ends of the '60s with the twin-afterburner tail lights so much better. Sorry to hear you might be putting it up for sale; wish I could afford another one right now. It will definitely make somebody else's day.

07-19-09, 06:54 PM
When you're ready to put a price on her send me an email at MClarkVIII@aol.com. I'm mostly deep into Fords and Lincolns but I've been thinking about a Caddy a lot lately. I've owned several over the years and the '60 is one of my favorites. I used to wrench at the Cadillac factory branch in Chicago a lot of years ag