View Full Version : Seville SLS 1999 engine starts bad and going first time out

07-18-09, 08:26 PM
Hello at all,
sorry for my bad english, because i live in germany and have a big problem with my caddy wich i bought 4 months ago.
If i want to start the engine normally, the rpm ist so low and rides up and down, that the engine stops the work. At the second or third try the machine works...sometimes i drive for example on the highway and the motor stops to work...not so well.
The first time i think that there are problems with the LPG-system...but the problems begins, when the engine ist starting with normal petrol.
Does everyone know, what is to do? The engine have 114000 mls running and i think the first spark plugs - will these be a matter?
Greetings Jens

07-19-09, 01:45 PM
A Caddy on LPG? LPG is cheap fuel: this would be perfect for my N* powered truck project. Any pics on the LPG system or info on where it was installed? Also please pull the codes, maybe there's something that can help us pinpoint the problem.