: NEW PLAN for New England Meet

King Steve
07-18-09, 12:47 PM
Ok, sorry this has taken about 20 threads so far, but I think we received some good advice in the old RSVP thread about making this a little more attendee-friendly. I think meeting around noon at a park is a reasonable idea, and then later if anyone wants to go somewhere to eat/drink, the people who want to go can do so. So we'll plan to meet around noon at the park, where we can basically just meet each other, hang out, maybe bring some stuff for grilling or whatever, and take some scenic pics of the cars. That will be the main thing...then whoever wants to go out afterwards can. I guess we just have to decide if it will be Avery Point in Groton or this other place, Fort Shantok in Montville. Seems Fort Shantok is about 20 mins south of Groton...so I don't really know what's most convenient for people. If you plan to come or think you might come, feel free to give some input. I guess we don't really need RSVP for those wanting to show up, but if you are definitely coming and you want to let us know, it might be nice to get a general idea of how many are coming. Did I miss anything? Hopefully this will be the last thread on this, and hopefully everything works out! We had a lot of enthusiasm about this at first...hopefully a lot of people are still planning on attending.

07-18-09, 01:11 PM
I believe that the best bet would be the Fort Shantok in Montville. I say this because it's right off of I-395, as a matter of fact on my gps unit they boarder each other.

As for Avery point, it's way off the interstate, I-95, and it has so many turns and such. Oh by the way, Avery point is on the coast of Connecticut so it's 20 minutes south of Fort Shantok. :)

I say lets go to Fort Shantok and I'll bring some cold drinks, seeing how I live so close I won't have to worry about them warming up. So other people can bring other stuff, meat for hamburgers hotdogs chips and stuff. We will also need some charcol, someone could bring that too.


King Steve
07-21-09, 10:49 AM
That sounds like a fine plan to me. Fort Shantok it is.

07-21-09, 01:01 PM
Ok, lets make the time around 2 in the afternoon on August 2nd. At Fort Shantok in Montville, Ct


07-26-09, 10:17 AM
Location looks great, but my attendance has slipped to 50/50. My new assignment has me in NYC 5 days a week and home only on the weekends. My only saving grace that I drive into the city on Sunday nights. So theoretically I could leave at 10am next Sunday instead of 10pm, but it would take some serious selling to only be home for one day next week.

07-26-09, 10:32 AM
We are still planning on attending next Sunday. Hopefully, attendance will be up and the weather will be wonderful.

King Steve
07-27-09, 12:50 AM
Hey guys..I feel ridiculous saying this because I was the one who started all the planning of this thing..but I'm having a potential conflict that hopefully i might be able to work around. I just started playing with a new band, and I'm trying to learn all their songs in just a few weeks to play with them at their upcoming concerts. Well it just so happens their big practices that last for hours happen to be every Sunday...so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage this. They're all pretty serious about it and seem to expect dedication...so what I'm hoping is that they will be planning to get together later rather than earlier on Sunday, so I can make it during the daytime. I'm not sure that missing that will be an option, considering I'm new to their band and everything else I just said. Would anyone else want to make it earlier than 2...maybe noon? I hesitate to ask that because I still don't know for sure when I'll be obligated to meet with them, and I would hate to change the plan and then still not make it..but 12 gives me a much better chance of making it than 2..

07-27-09, 05:59 PM
I wouldn't have a problem, but with others who knows.

So I'll make it for noon.


08-01-09, 07:50 PM
Ok, so I just got back from PA earlier this morning and I went out to Fort Shantok. Here are the directions.

From I-395 north or south, take exit 79A aka Route 2A. This is also the same exit for Mohegan Sun casino.

Once you you take the exit, get into the right lane if you aren't in it already to take the first exit off of 79A. It should be labeled Montville/Norwich or something like that.

Then turn left off of the ramp, you should be going under the 79A exit that you were just on.

You'll pass a couple of gas stations and then look for a hotel and a "Quick Lube and Quick Wash" on the right. There is a road that is between those two place. That is Fort Shantok Road, and of course the park is down that road.

I believe it's about 1 and half miles down the road on the left hand side. About a mile down the road you will be going under another part of the 79A exit, just a little ways down is the park on the left side.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow.


King Steve
08-01-09, 07:55 PM
I'm still not sure what's going on tomorrow with me...waiting to hear back about what time my obligation is going to begin..

08-02-09, 07:55 PM
I am shocked, sort of, that only two cars showed up. Myself and Kim'sSTS-V. We both arrived there around 12:30 and hung around until 245 or so. Took a few pictures and this is one of my favorites from my camera.


King Steve
08-03-09, 12:36 AM
Yeah I feel really bad that I wasn't able to go today...I had really wanted to. As for everyone else who voted for the day, who knows. Maybe these meets are as hard to make happen as people often say. I guess I was part of the problem this time so what am I talking about?

I still have interest in doing this some other time, but who knows when that might end up being..

King Steve
08-03-09, 12:38 AM
and PS, I was trying to post this morning that I wasnt going to be able to go, but I kept getting a response about a security token that wouldnt let me post..