: Check engine light related to break in?

07-18-09, 08:35 AM
My V has 1600 miles on it now and about 50 miles ago the check engine light came on. On Star tells me it is related to emissions break in (not the common loose gas cap I looked) and the light will go out after a few cold engine starts. Anyone else experience this? Hate looking at that light.


07-18-09, 10:04 AM
What is the exact code?

Krug Ford
07-18-09, 10:29 AM
Mark Bring it in to the dealer if you go for a ride and we will check it for you.

Cadillac Tony
07-18-09, 10:33 AM
No, a check engine light is not related to the break in period. Sometimes they can pop up and be a "false alarm", but it is not normal for them to come on.

07-18-09, 01:25 PM
That's strange they told you it was normal. I've had mine since new, just over 3,000 miles and no engine light, no trips to the dealer for anything. I've never had a car where the engine light coming on was considered normal as a part of the break in.

07-18-09, 01:27 PM
What he said. I second the request for the CEL code.

07-18-09, 01:56 PM
Will call them and ask the specific code. If it does not clear this weekend I'll stop in Scott. Thanks all.

07-18-09, 05:09 PM
My wife's 2008 DTS had the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp as it is called in the owner's manual and the factory service manual - looks like a little engine) come on at about 6500 miles. A DTC related to the valve used to purge the evaportive emission cannister was set. Specifically it said the valve could not be reset. I reset the code, using a code scanner, and the MIL went off as expected. It has not come back on. This is the second time I have reset codes that caused the MIL to light without any reoccurrance of the event. Other times the MIL has come on repeately and required service work. Once was a malfunction in a shock in the front suspension (1993 Deville) and another time required replacement of an EGR valve (1995 Eldorado). So, the bottom line is that some occurances of the MIL are "false alarms" as indicated by Cadillac Tony. Others are not.

If you reset the code, which should cause the MIL to go off, and it does not come back on, forget it. If it does come back on for the same code take it in for service. If it comes back on for a different code (unlikely), reset the new code and wait to see what happens.

07-18-09, 05:39 PM
Code is a P1400.

07-19-09, 12:00 AM
P1400 is a "Cold Start Emission Control System" error. It says basically that the exhaust gas did not match the expected profile on cold start up. The factory service manual lists a lot of things that could cause this such as modifications to the air intake sytem or the exhaust system. Or, failures such as leaks or other problems with either system.

07-19-09, 08:19 AM
Makes sense with what the On Star rep gave as their BS. If I may paraphrase he said that "Now let me read this directly" he continued "the book says that this can be related to emissions break-in and that it was a cold start fault." He said "the code should clear and that I needed to give it a few days of completely cold starts to clear the code." If it remains after three or four days of completely cold starts it needed to go in.

07-19-09, 12:25 PM
The vehicle computer is set up to remove any DTCs that have been set if the error does not occur again after some number (I don't remember what the number is) of repetitions of the operational sequence associated with the problem that caused the DTC to be set in the first place. So, the MIL might go off or it might not. That is why a code scanner is worthwhile. You can reset the DTC immediately (and the MIL) and then wait to see if the MIL comes back on. It might come back on right away, or it might take a few days. If the MIL comes back on and the DTC is the same, have the problem looked at.