: Guys w pulleys where are your dyno sheets?

brent eb02
07-18-09, 12:37 AM
with all the people getting upper and or lower pulleys installed lets see some dyno graphs
we have a guy that went to vette doctors that claim 620 rwhp ''awesome numbers btw" but when we ask for a dyno graph with a/f ratios we get nothing.
im not saying any of the numbers people claim are wrong i just like to see what numbers others are getting and what boost levels they see.


07-18-09, 05:50 AM
I would really like to see them as well.

07-18-09, 10:06 AM

Gary Wells
07-18-09, 12:20 PM
Let's see, thread up for 1 day, 3 posts, 91 views, & no dyno graphs, what a surprise.

07-18-09, 06:23 PM

LOL - (again) ...


07-18-09, 11:17 PM

07-18-09, 11:26 PM
Frankly, some people may want to stay a mystery!

Gary Wells
07-19-09, 07:00 AM
Seems more of a problem than that. This thread is running very parallel to the one regarding posting one's 1/4 mile times.

07-19-09, 05:41 PM
Maybe its that a lot of guys like me, that have the larger crank pulley, just haven't been to a dyno yet. I plan to, but its a two hour drive and its hotter than hell this time of year over there. I plan on it sometime this fall. Cecil..........:yawn:

Oh, and don't think that many were installed.

Gary Wells
07-19-09, 06:11 PM
Thanks, Cecil, I was just curious, and now I know. Being a noob, I am Looking forward to seeing any data.
TIA/R: Gary Wells

07-20-09, 03:13 PM
still crickets?

brent eb02
07-27-09, 11:32 PM
yes :tsucks:

07-28-09, 12:50 AM
I will...soon...

07-28-09, 01:12 AM
ill be dynoing my 10% soon as well...

07-28-09, 01:23 AM
ill be dynoing my 10% soon as well...

The 9" ring?

Gary Wells
07-28-09, 05:05 AM
Hey, are all of you guys from Oklahoma, or is that Indiana? You know, "Sooners", as in "I'll be going in soon", "I'll be doing it soon", "Me too, soon". J/K

Gotham CTS-V
07-28-09, 08:31 AM
East Coast here...

And I'll be getting to the dyno as soon as I get a chance. I'm not in any rush because I know my car is much, much faster. But I'll get it done just for curiousity and I guess for my forum contribution.

brent eb02
07-28-09, 11:55 PM

look forward to seeing your #s

i have the 8.55 upper and 8.5 lower and only see 12 psi and only 537 rwhp:hmm: