: OnStar Renewal

07-17-09, 01:48 PM
This is just an FYI.

I just renewed my OnStar without their Directions and Connections feature. I got the Safe and Sound package for $148.92 (including tax) for 14 months after bitching a bit. They also rolled my Verizon minutes for another year.

That's a lot better than the $28.90 (plus tax?) / Month they were going to automatically charge to my credit card when my free year was up.

The best deal the first NYL (Nice Young Lady) offered was $249 (plus tax?) for a year of Directions and Connections. When I passed on that, she switched me to a second NYL who had the $148.92 deal. The whole thing took about 5 minutes including wait time on their 888 number which is a lot better than the service I usually get when calling a help number.

I passed on the Directions and Connections because I like the built in NAV better even if it is a PITA to program sometimes. For the two times a year I would probably use it other than for fooling around it should be sufficient.

07-17-09, 02:38 PM
The nice thing about Directions & Connections for 2007 and up is that you can download directly to your Nav without doing any programming. If you use mapquest, there's a button there that will download the directions not only to Onstar for directions on the go, but also to your Nav system if you have one. Unfortunately 2005 and 2006 don't have that capability.

07-17-09, 03:34 PM
Next2pool are you sure about that? i check the onstar site and they say 2008 and up.. my 07 doesn't have turn by turn.. i have a built in NAV (maybe this is a factor)

07-17-09, 03:58 PM
I didn't think Onstar actually used the Nav hardware for this feature. If it did, I would expect to see it in the HUD.