: 88 brougham a/c clutch screeching sound

07-17-09, 03:29 AM
I finally got the belts back together and the bolts in after a 4 day ordeal on my g/f's 88 brougham with 40,000 miles. I tried replacing the a/c belt since it was slipping, missing cogs, and all original. Now 10 minutes into driving it it starts making noise again but this time it is more of an ear piercing screeching sound. When the car is idling and a/c is on high it is quiet, when you hit the gas pedal it screeches, and mostly when accelerating. When the compressor cycles off the noise stops. When it goes back on the noise starts again, you get the point. When you turn the climate control off the car doesn't make the noise so its got to be the a/c. The car has the original r-12 and was kept in an air conditioned garage for most of its life. I'm thinking the problem is the clutch going bad. Has anyone else seen this before?

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