: 07 sts v

Spittin Game
07-16-09, 08:05 PM
Was out browsing for new cars and stopped at a place on my way home, as I was leaving I saw this STS V out there, and was talking to the salesman about it. He said its $29,999 and they just dropped the price $3,000 on it. I dont know anything about the STS V and thought I would come on here and see if its a good deal and something I should pursue. It has 54K miles and seems to be in great condition, the battery was dead on it, but I will take it a for a ride some time soon. Anything I need to know about the 07's and how does the pricing look at $30K? I had an SRT8, and I believe the STS V should be a bit quicker, is that right?

07-17-09, 03:27 PM
I got my 07 for 34K when it had 29.9K miles on it. This was at an auction. Thats a relatively high mileage car. And yeah.. the STS-V is quicker than a SRT-8. Not to mention, there are tuning options for it!