: RacingBrake Two-Piece Rotors for CTS-V

07-16-09, 02:09 PM
Hello Cadillac Enthusiasts!

RacingBrake would like to gauge interest on high performance two-piece rotors for the CTS-V.

We are a new vendor on CadillacForums, but we are not a new brake company. We have been serving the automotive industry for over 20 years, and make more two-piece rotors than any other company on the market. We have a strong following in the Mitsubishi Evo, Mazda Rx7/Rx8, Corvette, Subaru, and other racing communities.

We previously made a set of two-piece rotors used by top CTS-V racer Bobby Fischer. His testimonial to the durability and performance of our rotors:

With over 180 minutes of track time, the two piece brake rotor performed extremely well again. After running for periods of time and waiting for the last possible moment to enter and exit the turns, the RacingBrake rotors continue to perform unbelievably. I have cut 3 -4 seconds off of my lap time.

We will manufacture these rotors again if there is enough interest on this forum. We are looking for a pre-order commitment of SIX pairs of rotors. Orders placed through this promotion will receive 20% off, for a promo price of $343.96 each ($687.92/pair).

Lead time for manufacturing is about 8-10 weeks from the time that the pre-order commitment is reached.


If we don't get 6 pairs of pre-orders, the group buy will be canceled.

The attached photos are prototypes of what the finished rotor will look like. However, the final rotor hat will be finished black (not silver like the picture) with our corrosion-resistant electrodeposition paint. The weight will be similar to that shown in the photo, 21 lb versus the stock rotors' 26 lb.

You can place your orders online (http://www.racingbrake.com/CTS_V_FRONT_04_09_p/2114-311.htm)for the rotors; we will authorize, but will NOT charge your credit card until the rotors ship.

Please post or email us any questions you have about the rotors.