: A comparison of 2 SoCal tuners

Gary Wells
07-15-09, 07:44 PM
Monday afternoon I decided to call a couple of the local So Kali tuners who had experience with the CTS-V's. D3, a Cadillac Owners .com supporting supplier and another very well known non-Cadillac Owners . Com So Kali tuner more famous for his skills on Corvette tuning than CTS-V tuning, but well skilled in CTS-V's also. The part that interested me the most, and maybe you too, is that they supplied almost identical info and figures.
Both want $ 550 out the door for a 2009 CTS-V tune.
Both claimed that the RWHP & RWTQ increase would be about either 10 to 20 or 20 to 30, I honestly don't remember which set of figures are correct.
Both claimed that I would notice a difference in gas mileage, smoothness, throttle response, in addition to the HP & TQ.
When asked which dynoed the most, both stated that a 6 speed will generally come out on top, but not always, with about 10 RWHP more.
Both claimed about the same for RWTQ when a stick was compared to an auto.
Both advised that the auto generally does better on the track.
D3 wanted about $5K to $7.5K for "close to 600 RWHP & RWTQ" and 2 to 3 days to do it in.
D3 advised that they would have no problem if I only wanted to dyno without doing any further work at that time, and although don't remember what they quoted me for 2 - 3 pulls, it was very reasonable, while the non supporting supplier stated that they would not be interested in dynoing only, regardless of cost. The non-supporting supplier is up around Santa Clarita, CA. D3 is about 5 miles from me in Signal Hill, CA.
One on the primary reasons that I might be interested in dynoing only and having no work performed at that time is that I am curious about the difference between a couple of pulls with crappy Kali 91 octane and a couple of pulls with straight 100 octane unleaded. So far as I know, nobody on this forum has any objective evidence regarding running a stock '09 CTS-V on different octane levels, and a few pulls like that world convince me that it will either increase your RWHP & RWTQ, or it won't. Interesting possibilities for some comparison runs. Most important, no disrespect is intended towards anybody especially on this forum, but we've gone back and forth for a while on the benefits of 100 octane over 91 or 93 on both a tuned car and a non-tuned car.
TIA/R: Gary Wells