: product for dash /seats

07-14-09, 09:18 PM
I have only been using GM's advice and used a soft cotton cloth dampened with R.O. water on my leather dash and recaro seats . Is there any other way of "preserving" our interiors better ?
Thanks in advance - CADYSHAK

Gary Wells
07-14-09, 09:31 PM
Almost all detail product manufacturer's have at least a LVR (leather, vinyl, rubber) product that would be superior to water I would think. Zaino makes Leather in A Bottle Treatment & Conditioner & Zymol makes a Leather Conditioner. Adam's Polishes makes a product called V.R.T. (Vinyl, Rubber, Tire) that I like for ease of use. All of the mentioned products are a cream and not a spray or a watered down product & as a minimum require application & light rubbing to bring out the best of the cream. I have found that anything good for real leather is great for rubber such as tires, just pricey to use. I am sure that Griot's Garage also has some fine products. HTH.
TIA/R: Gary Wells

07-15-09, 01:10 AM
I worry about getting any product made for leather on the suede seat inserts on the Recaros. My V has the light platinum interior, and I can already tell that the leather on the driver's seat is going to need frequent cleanings. Any ideas?

Gary Wells
07-15-09, 05:30 AM
That would be a major concern of mine also, and I did not mean to downplay its importance, but if you rub the product into the hard surrounding leather sufficiently, it should not be a problem. Any good leather product is going to need actual rubbing in, not just application and walk away and forget about it. I would try a little area first and see how that affects, if it does, the surrounding suede area. Just a thought.

07-15-09, 08:59 AM
According to posts on the CTS form, the leather Cadillac uses is coated with a layer of clear vinyl to protect the leather. Therefore, leather products won't work as expected, because they won't actually touch leather. That's why GM specifies water, as they don't think any treatment is necessary for vinyl. The dash and door tops are pure vinyl. I had my '08 detailed after one year, and they put ArmorAll on those surfaces, and they never looked right afterward. The texture is very "dry", and after three months it was still too shiny, but not even, because some absorbed and some didn't. I would be interested in a protectant that didn't affect luster, but I don't know any that are really good. Anybody have any suggestions?

The seat and door inserts are NOT suede, but Alcantara, which is a cloth. I suspect it is a microfiber product. The optional wheel and shifter are definitely microfiber. Does anyone know if Scotchgard is appropriate for these fabrics, or is there a product that is superior for them?

07-15-09, 11:14 AM
Go to Autopia.org for info on cleaning leather. They recommend distilled water with possibly a water/woolite mix to clean the seats. Then LeatherMasters or some other watery conditioner to finish (if anything). Creams don't penetrate the "clear coat" that's placed on the leather.

Mike (highly recommends Autopia to keep your car looking good!)

07-15-09, 11:43 AM
I use Griot's Leather care and it seems to really perk up the leather. Also, it doesn't "plug up" perforated leather like some other products. Although I never treat the dash and door panel vinyl, the best rubber treatment that comes real close to an OEM finish is Meguiar's #40. I use it on door and window seals and tires with great results. As far as the microsuede, maybe soap and water after it starts to show the dirt. Does anyone know if this stuff can be Scotchgarded like your home fabrics and carpet and is it even advisable per the Owner's Manual (which I should own in a couple of months:bouncy:)?

07-15-09, 10:03 PM
I thought the top of the dash and top of the door panels were leather ?

07-17-09, 07:21 PM
Nope, very nice vinyl. Probably more durable, too. I've seen many leather dash tops crack; much less with vinyl.

07-20-09, 08:23 PM
Marktanner mentioned that the "suede" material is really Alcantara cloth material. I wasn't able to find any mention of the material in the Cadillac materials, although I have seen it mentioned before in some of the posts on this site and others.

I found these instructions for cleaning at Alcantara.com. The list includes many different stains that might be found on the seats.


There are some very exotic vehicles pictured on the www.alcantara.com website - sadly, no CTS-V on the list.