View Full Version : 93 sts fuel rail removal tools

07-14-09, 09:09 PM
i am going to try to change the fuel rail tomorrow at lunch time and wanted to know what tools will i need to buy and how hard is it to do

Thanks for your time

07-15-09, 08:58 AM
Why change the fuel rail - unless it's the early nylon unit ? Find the fuel pressure test port either on the rail or on the supply line - it's a Schrader valve, just like a tire valve. With a large rag to catch an ounce or so of gas, carefully bleed down the fuel rail. Take a look at the rail connectors near the throttlebody - there are either plastic or metal quick-connects there. NAPA sells the little kit with release fittings which slide up in the connector to trip the retainer fingers. Some have had luck with small needlenose. The rest of the job is easy - disconnect each injector, move the harness, and remove the 4 hold down nuts and lift the whole thing, injectors and all, off the engine. Locate all the lower injector O-rings, making sure they're in place. When replacing the unit lube each injector O-ring with a dab of engine oil.

I suggest you allow a couple of hours for this - don't rush it.

The pic is for 2002, but it's close.