: Interested in getting one... what to expect?

07-14-09, 03:50 PM
Hi everyone, just got back from a year's "vacation" in A-stan, and I'm looking for something to reinvigorate the car passion. As crazy as it sounds, my 05 Corvette is not as exciting as it once was. Basically, I'm looking for something that still has all the "go" but is a little more mature. My car is putting out 425whp from a big cam and the like, so it's loud and crazy. Fun and quick car but starting to tire me out as a DD due to the mods and upkeep, especially as time moves on. Something that's quiet and stock but can still fly really appeals right now, especially with a warranty.

Anyhow, I've seen used CTS-Vs on autotrader in the mid-50s, and new ones in the low 60s. I made a few calls and the ones in the 50's all sold within a few days of being listed, so I'm guessing they go quick right now. What are the deals and availability like on new/used?

How reliable are these things and what's the warranty like? I'd keep it stock.

Has anyone else come from a 'vette and regretted it? I DD the 'vette (got it in 05 and 78k miles later still going) and would DD the CTS-V. The only other car I'm looking at right now is a C6 Z06. I don't need a backseat, just looking for something different and these two cars are the only ones that appeal right now...

Only options I'd want are 6-speed and nav... preferably black but due to rareness would consider gray and red as well.

Thanks in advance...

Gotham CTS-V
07-14-09, 04:33 PM
I used to daily drive an 08 Z06. I had it stock for a bit and then modded it with a cam and some goodies. Loved the car, but it was sort of tough to daily drive with a camshaft because it would draw so much attention and also sometimes the lady passengers would think it was sort of cheap.

The CTS-V is complete luxury and a totally different car. The interior is exquisite but the steering feel and the motor is pure Corvette.

You need to test drive it bro. I think you will like it, as I could have gotten another Z06 but I prefer this due to how multi-dimensional it is. Plus it looks so hot. A Z06 is an animal and the best performance car you can get right now. But it will just be a slight step up from your cammed C6. The CTS-V is on a different level.

07-14-09, 05:10 PM

my .001 cents worth, go for test drive, then if your interested, and you will be, determine what you desire in the car, color, seats, and so forth...... then figure what price you think is what you want to pay, well under
MSRP..... goto your caddy dealers try to get a deal, if they do not give you a price, contact both our dealerships here, they will give you price and you Will be happy...... make sure you get prices from out two in house dealers first...

I saved enough that I flew into Michigan, drove 2500 miles back to Oregon and still saved about 4K under MSRP after all expenses, or you could have them ship the car. Tony in Florida, Scott in Michigan ....
These guys will answer your questions call them..... loads of folks on this board bought from these two .....

your serious..... get on the phone

look here


07-14-09, 05:33 PM
Only options I'd want are 6-speed and nav... preferably black..

Is this what you are looking for? Black 6spd (http://www.superiorcadillacgmc.com/vehicle.asp?v=775129)

07-15-09, 10:13 PM
I've got an '08 Z06 and have about 2K miles on my V2. I daily drive both (but drive the V more now).

My Z06 is stock other than running non run-flat PS2s (which are a huge improvement over the stock tires), and is probably a more exciting car than the V. It is more explosive, makes a lot more noise, is low and light and feels fast. The throttle response of the naturally aspirated motor is super crisp, which I prefer.

But the V is such a better car. Just so balanced. The steering is better, the tranny (I have the stick) is better, and the mellow cam means it is a delight in traffic. And the handling is better in most conditions. In the real world of bumps mid-corner, I actually find myself driving the V faster in the turns. And the interior is in another class, especially the Recaros.

Here is why I love the V2 as a daily driver: I had a brutal day at work, and was commuting home totally brain dead-- the V2 just cruised me home at 65mph, soft and easy in all that Caddy goodness. The next morning I got a clean run at my favorite twisty entrance ramp with a frisky 911 right behind me, and never has a 911 seen 4200 lbs disappear so fast. It just does both fast and slow so well.

I can imagine selling the Z06, but cannot imagine selling the V2, if that is any indication. Maybe I need to turn the Z06 into a track car...

07-19-09, 05:57 PM
You need to test drive it bro. I think you will like it, as I could have gotten another Z06 but I prefer this due to how multi-dimensional it is. Plus it looks so hot. A Z06 is an animal and the best performance car you can get right now. But it will just be a slight step up from your cammed C6. The CTS-V is on a different level.

So I test drove a C6 Z06 and a CTS-V this Saturday... I think your assessments are spot on.

The C6 Z was a used 06 with 18k miles going for 47k, perhaps a grand or two above what it should be but the car was flawless. It drove like a stealthy beast. Essentially it was 15% better performance than my car in all regards, but in a tight, refined, and docile stock setting from the factory. Very fun, and I preferred it over my lopey beast of a modded C6, though I find my modified car gets nothing but great reception and has a little more "character" and "soul" as it goes through the gears. All things considered, though, I am not sure the upgrade is worth the cash considering my C6 is paid for and is about an 85% version of the Z. Also, I found myself thinking of what the Z "needs" to look right... powdercoat the stock wheels, tint, lowering, and started adding up the cost of all the things I did to mine already, and now I'm thinking no to that. Also, I know how my 05 has aged, and I imagine the 06 Z will start to exhibit the same nuances as miles add up.

On to the V...

Found the only 6 speed manual CTS-V in Dallas and went to drive it. It was loaded with recaros and everything, black on black, and simply gorgeous. Somehow, the CTS-V manages to be classy yet loudly sporty in its looks. It's very well executed, and clearly a serious performance car based on the exterior alone. About the only thing I didn't like was the massive third brake light (but a light tinting of that could fix it).

The first thing you notice about this car is the limitless torque. Any gear, any RPM, and there is a seemingly infinite well of torque on tap. And once you lay off the throttle, it's a quiet luxury cruiser that commands its lane as it goes down the road, requiring little correction and minimal effort. Being in Texas means few curves, but the onramps gave some indication of the handling; the car feels very composed, but you are aware of the heft and dimensions. Granted, I daily drove a C6 for the past 3 years, so I will notice this in any car, but the CTS-V is big. Interestingly, though, it handled itself like a lightweight, and essentially felt like a four door Z06. About the only disappointing thing was the sensation of speed and power being muted by the luxury environment. A light tap on the gas will rocket the thing into jailable territory, but you'd never know you committed the crime as the car smoothly and quietly zipped down the road. Even though it wasn't as fast as the Z06 or probably even my modded C6, I'm past the point of having to be the fastest guy on the road, and this was plenty quick!

The transmission was light and easy; the gate seemed wide and very light, but again, my perception is goofed up by a DD that has a built tranny w/ a very tight Hurst shifter. Shifting was effortless (almost too effortless at times), but still fun. The location of the dead pedal was nice but it didn't line up too well with the clutch pedal.

The interior goes without saying; I find a Corvette interior luxurious and laden with more features than I need, so the CTS-V's equipment felt like mission control waiting for the next shuttle launch. I did miss the HUD from the 'vette, though, along with the low seating position. I like to be low. The sunroof cut into headroom some for the front and rear, and I'd prefer not to have it. I rarely remove the targa top on my 'vette, so I don't think I'd use a sunroof. The only issue I had was the blind spots to the rear of the car from the c-pillar. Trunk room seemed decent from a quick glance but not as much as I'd expect given the size of the car.

The dealership wanted 64k for it, which puts it just a hair beyond what I'd like to do financially. There was a used one in Dallas for 53k with about 7k miles, but it sold already. Only options I care for are the manual and nav... I think if I get rid of the 'vette, it makes more sense to get the V as it would be more of a change and thus more worthy of the cash. :cool2:

07-19-09, 06:06 PM
I traded a stock 07 Conv. Vette in for mine. Best thing i ever did. more comfortable and faster. I have to admit i still have 50th aniv vette conv so not like i gave up having a vette. used the 07 as a daily driver and it served it purpose well but got to the point of wanting the speed but confort and practicallity. Looked at M3, M5, M6 as well as AMG CLS, E and C and decided on CTS-V. Not a single regret....

07-19-09, 06:17 PM
Check with Scott at Superior. He is there to SELL cars. They are not museum pieces.