: Changing the battery . . my escapade . . . not fun . . .

Berger 93
07-13-09, 10:49 AM
OK, now it was rather warm out, but who on God's Earth deisgned how the battery went in the V . . . :thepan:

First there is the side engine bay cover, easy to remove, two thumb twisty thingys . . .

Second another cover over the battery? . . . which is firstly trapped by the battery cables . . . .

OK remove the battery cables with my handy dandy 5/16" ratchet wrench, which when done set on the strut tower . . .

Try to remove battery cover . . . but it is stuck . . . I get it to move, which at this time the ratchet wrench falls off strut tower and slides UNDER the fuse box . . .

I see the battery cover is trapped by the cowl cover, so loosen the three 7 mm screws . . . battery cover moves some more, but still stuck . . .

See there is a clip doo dicky on the side very well hidden by the super charger coolant level site . . . get the ONE clip loose . . . cover moves more but still won't come off . . . :hmm:

Brute force and ignorance gets the best of me and the SECOND clip breaks off and the cover is now free . . . :rolleyes:

Now the battery is exposed! YEAH!

Remove the 14 mm hold down bolt.

Then one needs to twist and turn the battery out of the opening and it is now free!

OK now to retrieve the consumed ratchet wrench. See the fuse box is held down with two exposed 10 mm bolts . . .get those out . . it moves but is stuck . . . :hmm:

Remove the fuse box cover, and see WAAAYYYY down at the bottom a nut . . so gather up a whole bunch of extentions and my 10 mm deep well . . but it is at a wierd angle and promptly consumes the socket! . . . AK!!! :mad: so get the handy dandy magnet and retrieve the socket . . . :)

Now mind you all the tools are in the rear garage, so every tool I need, I have to get from the other building (bonus was a quick pass THROUGH the air conditioned house . . . and refrigerator . . . )

Now for the ratchet wrench . . . the fuse box does move quite a bit, so squeeze my not so thin arm down between the box and the core support, and successfully retreive the wrench! :) . . .

Put the fuse box back together.

Load the battery into the truck to go get a new one . . . and . . .

Auto Part store is closed . . . :rant2: . . .

Had to laugh at my self . . . I can build a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport replica from the ground up, but can't get a stupid battery out of my V . . .

So HOPEFULLY tonight my V will run again!

Oh well, thought you all would like a morning chuckle.

07-13-09, 11:37 AM
I dropped a wrench down under the fuse box too :D Luckily it didn't vanish somewhere I couldn't get it back with a little effort.

07-13-09, 11:58 AM
Another place that consumes tools is right down beside the blower and heads. undo your intake and drop a 10mm sockett down there and 2 hours later you might be close to seeing it.

07-13-09, 12:01 PM
Since the auto parts store doesn't carry a direct group 101 replacement, you're in for more fun!
Go with a group 78 battery and leave the battery cover off. (the battery size works but barely fits)

07-13-09, 12:17 PM
You boys and your tools! :bouncy: Has no one ever taught you to NEVER rest tools in the engine bay - they either end up falling into places you don't want - or can't reach, or get left behind - only to reappear after you start the engine. I have several magnetic parts bins/trays that I use whenever under the hood. Just drop your nuts and screws in them and they never fall out - works for holding the extra socket as well. Use a rolling cart for the tools, and keep a telescoping magnet handy for the dropped nut or screw - something my once nimble fingers never did, but now seem prone to do! :duck:

Berger - go with the type 78 Red Top - best battery you can buy to replace the GM original. Haven't had any problems with mine (19 months now)


07-13-09, 12:27 PM
Since the auto parts store doesn't carry a direct group 101 replacement, you're in for more fun!
Go with a group 78 battery and leave the battery cover off. (the battery size works but barely fits)


Berger 93
07-13-09, 02:30 PM
Well, my fingers are crossed that the local Auto Zones has a 78 series Optima on the shelf :) . . . Thanks for the info, and sharing in my story!

Albeit rough crusing around in my Camaro SS Convertible, I really miss my "V" . . .

Sounds like I'm not the only one where tools get eaten by the car!