: Thoughts on the 2010 STS ??

07-12-09, 09:55 PM
Well, I figured I'd start a topic on what everyone will think that Cadillac will add in the STS for it's last model year ?? It has pretty much everything as it is, but it seems that Cadillac always adds one or two new features every model year.
So, what do you think will change for the 2010 STS ??, Or, do you think it will remain 100% identical/unchanged from the 2009 MY STS ??

07-13-09, 06:36 AM
From the Online Order / Reference Guide:


STS-V Model 6DX29
Exterior color (51U) Gold Mist
Exterior color (58U) Black Ice

New Features

All-new interior and exterior color codes
Exterior color (GGX) Tuscan Bronze ChromaFlair. Available at extra charge.
Exterior color (GIM) Vanilla Latte

07-13-09, 11:11 AM
Vanilla Latte ?? Is that what they call plain old beige these days?

Does ChromaFlair mean anything in particular? Is it a variation on the 'pearlized' scheme? Does it mean the rainbow scattering effect, although I can't really imagine Cadillac doing that?

07-13-09, 01:24 PM
I wouldn't be surprised to see a so called limited edition run--probably not much more than a few bundled options and maybe a couple of badges. It would be nice to see the old girl go out in style rather than pure neglect!

07-14-09, 09:59 PM
Isn't ChromaFlair the Dupont paint that shifts shades based on point of view? That would look hot in Bronze.

I might be interested in one coming off a three-year lease in 2012.:eyebrow: