: Power?

07-20-04, 07:20 PM
Hello, I am new here but I am planning on doing something iregular so I am going to ask about what I need to. Any help any can provide would be great.

Well first I what to put the 500 in a 71-74 AMC javiln. I have never heard it done so i what to do it. I don't need to know how to put it in I know what that is going to take. But first I need to know what is the absolute cheapest things I can do to that motor to get between 550hp and 600hp. Why, my boss drive a viper and I what to spank him for cheap and with a VERY odd custom. To ally you caddy guys please don't hate me for puting this motor in this car, albeit if you do I don't care.

Thanks again for the help you guys can provide.

One last thing vipers or at least his does 11.90s

07-20-04, 07:43 PM
You have some pretty silly ambitions. But you have to define cheap. From what i have seen people do on these boards is going to cost you several thousand to get that kind of power.

Other than that i have no more constructive comments for you. :helpless: :helpless: :helpless:

lux hauler
07-20-04, 09:02 PM
an intake, bigger valves, some port work, a good cam and giggle juice.
it's been proven that the stock bottom end can take some abuse.
there is a guy that has a fox body mustang with a junkyard 500 with new bearings and rings (i believe....?) with an edelbrock intake a Torque Inc. cam, heads preped by Torque Inc. and nitrous. anyhow, his quickest quarter mile pass was 10.25 seconds. there are some pictures of his car in, i believe, the august edition of Hot Rod magazine.....a little write-up too.
how much does this AMC weigh, anyhow?

07-21-04, 06:42 PM
The sst weighs 3147 that is how heavy mine will be before I do some weight reductions. Yes I know it is a silly idea but no one has done it so I will. So lux what does the 514 kit cost, also is there a cheaper way of doing it like getting the parts seperate from the kit? I hear that will put out close to 600hp. The kit itself is cheap too from my understanding.

lux hauler
07-21-04, 08:18 PM
514 kit?

barge master
07-21-04, 11:13 PM
Don't worry Vega, no one will hate you for putting a Caddy engine in AMC, but if you were putting an AMC engine in a Caddy.....