: Help - new member.

07-20-04, 05:56 PM
Hi everyone, I joined last week and live in Southern Alberta Canada.

I own a 1979 Cadillac Milan conversion, 2 seater convertible roadster. Milan Coach Conversions converted a few hundred of these Sevilles between 76 and 79. Car looks great and is in great shape, 78000 miles, all original. The weather stripping on the convertible top rails and the front side strips at the windows has broken down with age. The original top and rear vinyl window are like new. I would be prepared to try a generic weather stripping but something close to original would be prefered.

I am trying to keep the beast as close to original as possible. The car gets great reviews at the show and shines, and still goes like hell. I tried to post to the forum last week but must have made some mistakes, I can't seem to find the postings. Tks again all.


07-20-04, 06:33 PM
I dont know about your weather stripng., but i wanna see some pictures!
Welcome to the forum btw

07-20-04, 11:25 PM
Welcome Geruk!

Thanks for joining the forum! I like the "specials" like the Milan. I think they are sweet! The wx stripping should not be a problem. I am not a DIY'r but that is something I would try. Good luck. I'll try a search.

1977and1985 Biarritz
08-03-04, 01:25 PM
There is a company in Manassas Virginia that sell cadillac parts. I am not sure if they will have the rubber you need, but their info is: USA parts Supply (703)335-1935. I was also able to get my striping for our 66 Electra (sorry guys I know it is not a Cadillac) at Steele Rubber Products. The only number I have for them is 800-544-8665. Hopefully, they will have what you need. Welcome. :welcome: