: 8-2 Groton CT/Eastern Pt Beach Meet RSVP Thread

King Steve
07-11-09, 11:07 AM
Ok, figured I would make an official RSVP thread for this. Sounds like what we have is a plan to meet up at the 99 Restaurant in Groton, CT at 5pm on August 2nd, and then from there we'll head down later to Eastern Point Beach about 5-10 minutes away where we'll plan to take some good scenic pics of all the cars. This is the place to RSVP. Please only RSVP if you are actually going to make it, and please if you are going to make it, RSVP! We'd like to know how many to expect ahead of time for reasons outlined in the other thread re: restaurant preparation. So if you're gonna make it, let us know!

Edit: To reiterate what Rob said in the other thread, let us know how many cars and also how many people with those cars. Thanks!

07-11-09, 01:01 PM
Thank you Steve, I kinda figured that you would start a thread like this. Which is why I let it be. :)

Well I guess I'll start it off...

For me it's going to be one car and two adults and no children.

I just put the no children in there for the just in case the manger would like to know for the free meals. That is if the Red Sox plays and wins the night before. :)

07-14-09, 12:52 PM
Ok, so out of all the 13 or so people who voted for August 2nd. Only King Steve and I are going?

King Steve
07-15-09, 11:52 AM
Maybe the title implies at a glance that this is something different. I'm going to make a new, clearer thread....?