: Driving in the rain

07-11-09, 08:42 AM
What is your experience in our cars with stock tires in the rain?

I know my Z06 with the stock Goodyears is horrible in the rain. So far
only dry roads with the V. But, I am sure there will be storms this

07-11-09, 08:59 AM
I am in Florida where it rains most afternoons in the summer.

I have been surprised how well the combination of the Michelin tires and traction control have kept me out of trouble in the rain.

I don't hesitate to drive the V2 in any weather conditions.

07-11-09, 09:11 AM
I daily drive my V and I have had zero problems so far in the rain. I will report again after 10k miles--I'm at 4k now.

07-11-09, 09:29 AM
I haven't had an opportunity to drive in the rain yet -- no rain. It's reassuring that I don't need to dread the experience if I ever do find any rain.

07-11-09, 09:45 AM
My V2 came with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's. I live in West Central Florida where I have had plenty of experience with the V on wet roads. I have done things that I could only dream of with these tires. A current article in Car & Driver tells us just how good these tires are and how well they are on a wet surface. It also taught me some things I did not know about tires. Very informative.

See article at; http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison_test/tires/tire_test_nine_affordable_summer_tires_take_on_the _michelin_ps2_comparison_test/michelin_pilot_sport_ps2_comparison_test.

07-11-09, 12:22 PM
I have been surprised how well this car drives in the rain. It seems to have more grip and stability than my '08 CTS did, which also had PS2's, but narrower. Theoretically, the narrower tires should be an advantage, but not in this case. The only issue is the traction control, which allows a LOT of slip before kicking in, great for the dry, not so great in the wet. Judicious throttle application is still necessary. Braking is good, too.

07-11-09, 01:49 PM
Where I live we do not have dry weather.... rains 24/7

V is great in wet, if you have problems in the rain.... you are driving way to fast....
corners like a champ on wet sutfaces.....

07-12-09, 10:24 PM
This car is much better in the rain than my '05 STS RWD was.

07-13-09, 12:47 AM
Update on rain driving. I just drove 30 miles through a serious deluge with ponding on the highway and occasional flooding on the street. Two to three inches in an hour! The car was very sure-footed, and I never invoked the traction control or the ABS. These Pilots are VERY GOOD in the rain. The superior steering feel doesn't hurt, either. Rainsense wipers coped well, too.

07-13-09, 05:28 AM
Thanks for the input. Appreciated.