: Dynapack Machine?

07-10-09, 12:47 AM
I want to dyno my car, but the only one within 100 miles is one called a Dynapack. It bolts to the rear axle bolts, rather than you driveing over barrels as most dyno machines are designed. I wonder if anyone has used this system and what kind of results came of it. Cecil............:confused:

07-10-09, 05:35 AM
I had it done with my 98 Camaro SS. They claim it is more accurate as it takes out the tire friction component.

Just looks strange seeing your car's hubs spinning with no wheels on! Apparantly race teams use it all the time.
It is portable and they can measure results quickly.

07-10-09, 08:25 AM
I think that's what D3 uses according to this YouTube video.