: Real world values for 90-92 Broughams

NJ 90 Brougham
07-09-09, 07:03 PM
Hi guys,

since my desaster in late 2007 in wanting to buy the low mile (29.000 mi) 90 Brougham in MO I have continued to look for a car that suits my bill. Now that I am close to finding one, I have been alerted by some experts that I am willing to spend way too much.

A 1991 Brougham d'Elegance for example with the 5.7 liter engine and the original full wire wheels is down with 55.000 miles at KBB for 4 grand, real life asking prices are mostly at 10 or lowest 8.

So what's the reality? And if KBB is right, where do I find a 4.000 $ "Euro-light" Brougham d'Elegance with leather and wire wheels....?


07-09-09, 08:26 PM
For a car with all the stuff you want you should expect to pay way over KBB value. My Brougham was $3500. It had 68k miles and was recently repainted so the body is extra clean. Even that was a little high IMO, but I really wanted the car. KBB value was like $2300.

07-09-09, 08:56 PM
Yah, where I think it will really hurt is if I get in an accident. They will total the car if somebody sneezes at it, and will probably give me whatever the KBB says, which is NOT enough to buy another one like it.

07-09-09, 08:58 PM
I would pay $6,500 for a 55K mile d'Elegance... a tad more if it has the wires & moonroof.

07-10-09, 12:08 AM

In my experience, really nice cars which have been well kept by knowledgeable owners are usually expensive and worth it. If you're looking for a cheap nice car it may need a repair or two or have higher miles. You can get lucky and buy quality at a discount but you need to be very, very patient and realize that other people will recognize the same good deal and grab it while you may be dreaming about dickering down for a deal. When buying toys it is hard to be rational or patient, at least in my experience.

If you find a car you like get it checked out by an expert, negotiate to a price you can afford and live with yourself for paying, pull the trigger, enjoy your car and don't look back! You have to pay to play, you only live once, and why not be happy driving what you want when you want it?!

We need to figure out how to spend this "casino cash" on buying fun cars!

Have fun!!

Dave :-)

07-10-09, 12:59 AM
I should say, my only experience with the 90-92 vintage was my purchase of a 1990 Brougham d'Elegance, gray/gray/gray, leather, factory astroroof, 5.7 V8, wire wheel covers, above average condition. I bought it in May, 2003 and sold it only two months later. Paid $6,500 and sold it for $6,000. I always wanted to try one of these yet I bailed out on this one because the moonroof had a very annoying wind noise when the sun shade was open. I sure liked the way the fuel injected 5.7 V8 performed although it's quite different from the velvet hammer of the old school 8.2 and 7.0 Cadillac engines.

I remember first seeing the freshened "euro" Brougham when brand new at the local Cadillac dealership back in late summer 1989. I found it interesting that Lincoln re-skinned the Town Car the same year yet Cadillac only stuck on some lower plastic cladding, smooth headlights, and a digital dash - but the Cadillac, even today, still looks better and is now a sought after classic.

I also remember first seeing and driving the restyled 1993 Fleetwood when brand new and my overwhelming memory of that experience was how absolutely jaw droppingly HUGE the top of that dashboard was! :-)


07-10-09, 01:32 AM
pics of this car - - it's been a few years, had 67k miles. Memories....sweetened through the ages just like wine......